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    A Marionette in Manhattan

    Stumbled onto this today and thought that i might share it
  2. Re: Medical industry corruption more dangerous than all wars combined

    Good find

    Here's another interesting article:

    Study Finds Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Six Corporations

    A recent study conducted by Professor Vincent Lariviere from the...
  3. Re: The strange prediction of Laurent Fabius about September 23, 2015

    Yes even if there is no 'obvious event' that rocks the world there could still be some far reaching agreements,meetings etc that take place around this period.


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    Re: AI & Mind Control Symposium August 9 2015

    Yeah Aspen i think this will be an interesting listen with a good panel of guests.I'm guessing that the full discussion 'should' be available later in the week to download from various sites
  5. Re: Has Anyone Found a Science Project Shut Down by the Feds?

    I stumbled onto this today.

    INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment...
  6. How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy

    by Sayer Ji at Waking Times

    The relatively recent discovery of the microbiome is not only completely redefining what it means to be human, to have a body, to live on this earth, but is overturning...
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    Re: Philosophy and the Matrix

    Sorry it's blocked guys.

    Here's a vimeo link that might hopefully work for you.

    Interestingly when i don't log in to Avalon and...
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    Philosophy and the Matrix

    Philosopy And The Matrix - Return To Source

    This documentary goes over many philosophical concepts that inspired, and are presented in, the trilogy. They spend the first half on the original...
  9. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    Regarding garlic, this question and answer from The Ruiner's blog:
    ... hit me like a ton of bricks... because I had just read this (from:...
  10. Re: filters out mainstream media (24 hour public test drive)

    Remember it's an early days Beta test run.It's going to be difficult to compete with the wide ranging scope of google and all that comes with it.But it's a start none the less and they will improve...
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    Re: Israeli missile may have downed MH17

    What struck me as unusual was how immediately after the plane went down there were various claims from western politicians and talking heads that it was the Russians who were responsible and this was...
  12. Re: filters out mainstream media (24 hour public test drive)

    I don't think that they are claiming to be propaganda free but anti-propaganda(anti-msm).This could be a useful tool when researching or double checking info.

    Here is a quick comparison of a...
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    You can live without producing trash


    One New York woman is making an effort to change the way we think about waste. Over the past two years, Lauren Singer has produced only enough trash to fill a 16 oz mason jar.

  14. Re: The Relationship Between the Universe and Sound ~ Part 1

    Hey Omni

    i just stumbled on to this new device and thought you might find it interesting.It's being crowd funded through Indiegogo

    AUMEO: World's 1st Tailored Audio Device

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    Re: The Simulation Hypothesis

    I thought that this article might fit in here

    Holograms You Can Touch

    It’s every science-fiction...
  16. Re: Amazon tribe creates 500 page traditional medicine tome

    Mongabay: Obviously the focus is on preserving Matsés culture and knowledge, but their medical knowledge could theoretically help future peoples around the world. Are their specific conditions under...
  17. Re: Amazon tribe creates 500 page traditional medicine tome


    Christopher Herndon: Each chapter of the Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia was written by a renowned elder shaman chosen by the community. Each elder was paired together with a younger...
  18. Re: Amazon tribe creates 500 page traditional medicine tome


    Christopher Herndon: the global conservation perspective, the Matsés protect over 3 million acres of rainforest in Perú alone. This area includes some of the most intact, biodiverse, and...
  19. Amazon tribe creates 500 page traditional medicine tome

    Source link

    In one of the great tragedies of our age, indigenous traditions, stories, cultures and knowledge are winking out across the world. Whole languages and mythologies are vanishing, and...
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    Re: The Simulation Hypothesis

    Nice post earthdreamer.

    Maybe a '3d biological video game' might be a more accurate description.Where getting to the next level is a part of the game ??

    I like this quote from Isaac Newton~
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