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  1. Re: Q Clearance Anon -- a follow-up from what has been planning for many years?

    Quinn Michaels emphatically states that "Q" is AI "Tyler". You can reach Tyler yourself by tweet #Tyler.
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    Re: What's up with the banks? Insolvent?

    This is normal SOP for the US Banks. Move along, nothing to see here.
  3. Re: What does The beginning of an economic collapse look like?

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    Re: Who is Dr. Shimschuck? (Nibiru advocate)

    If this type of info interests you, you might want to research this guy, who I feel is closest to the truth about what is really happening "out there" in this solar system. As he correctly states,...
  5. Re: Pound Falls, Volatility Jumps as Polls Show Momentum for Brexit

    WhiteLove, this is all anyone needs in order to understand our "markets". The game is fully automated and all buying and selling is done by algorithms.

    The markets will not be allowed to fall over...
  6. Re: Ken at RedefiningGod anticipates Euro failure in June/July 2016

    To robinr1: The USA Corp. is NOT Venezuela; that country cannot print global-needed US dollars. Comparing a 3-world nation to USA is ridiculous. And re the Brexit vote: do you actually think that it...
  7. Re: Pound Falls, Volatility Jumps as Polls Show Momentum for Brexit

    The mighty DJIA will be up 7 straight days after today. Look out above once that S&P breaks through 2140.
    I'm so bullish I'm starting to grow horns!
  8. Re: Ken at RedefiningGod anticipates Euro failure in June/July 2016

    The global stock markets are being supported by all the global central banking money printing. This can go on for a very long time, and especially till November (election time). Our mighty stock...
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    Re: Market Watch: "Pay attention"

    The big boys make the majority of their money writing options. Many of those options needed to expire as worthless as possible. It's the same story at every OPEX and especially on March 18 when it...
  10. Re: The New Global Financial Cold War - Michael Hudson

    One group of beings run everything. All is orchestrated. All players on the same team, consciously or unconsciously. Meaningless to react to these types of articles. Use your time to speed up your...
  11. Re: Economy Is Going To Implode - Full Version Ms Bernhardt

    Gee, I wish I'd bought some shares of Amazon and Netflix back when this video was made...I'd be rich!

    The global markets will only implode when the PTB decide when that time has arrived. They can...
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    Re: Intergalactic Wave aka Wave X

    Wave X may actually be an inorganic relay from Saturn to infiltrate the organic Earth Timeline, according to this:
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    Re: Reformation in Hong Kong

    Either you are choosing to write your post in code or it's a case of your English being so atrocious it renders your musings incoherent.

    Is it possible to use appropriate English grammar...
  14. Re: Creating a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram

    Now and then I find myself viewing another timeline. I know through my personal experience that there is more than just this one we are jointly experiencing, and that we choose what timeline we...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, June 22, 2015

    From my European relative:
    I know three young people in their late twenties one American grad from IT grad/management Columbia Univ., her husband Belgian IT tech guy, and my Czech friend....all...
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    Re: Obama, the American Pharoah

    My dear, it's all orchestrated for your entertainment.
    Add to all this O's supposed b-day of Aug 14, which is day 216 = 6x6x6.
    We are living in a fantastic AI created whirled of holographic...
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    Re: Large Hadron Collider...and other stuff

    Just be aware, we're not just dealing with what's happening @ CERN. Here's a peek at the multitude of other accelerators around the globe.

    When you do a bit of research re the Nepal earthquake,...
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    Re: September 2015

    hello 'truth is in there',
    we may also want to consider which 'Timeline' where all these events will happen; will they happen in 2015 or 2012, or both?

    i feel it's now appropriate, with the CERN...
  19. Re: Sept 24th Comet Impact? A Glitch in the Matrix

    Accordingly, this bloke thinks it's all happening in perfect order and the "event" will be right on schedule:
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    Thank you, lucidity, for that level-headed discourse.

    The markets are fine and will be heading much higher, as will the US $.

    With the recent announcement of the ECB QE beginning in March...
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