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  1. Re: "The Innate": Your body's automotive & healing system

    Well... Inneit it's not what we think it is, it's better!

    I went back to Bill's thread which I remember very well when he started it (I'm an oldie here :) ) but the information Kryon and Lee...
  2. Re: "The Innate": Your body's automotive & healing system

    More than just the Innate I highly recommend to listen to all audios you can find from Kryon, they're beautiful, uplifting, they will fill you with hope, love and gratitude.

    At the beginning I...
  3. Re: Solve Your Health Problems via Internet Searches

    One of the best web sites to find information about natural remedies and cures is for people and pets, I have used information from this web site for years.

    Last time I used...
  4. Re: How to manifest (and the mistakes that many people make)

    Neville's Channel

    I forgot to mention something really important: You need to see the scene you're visualizing FROM your eyes, NOT as if you are...
  5. Re: How to manifest (and the mistakes that many people make)

    This is the best moment to remind everyone about NEVILLE and his teachings... to make this short I'll describe an example similar to one from his books:

    Let's say you want to buy a bigger house...
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    Re: Conversations with God

    Everything is a matter of perspective. The ones feeling troubled by the idea of throwing away all money and having one world government, etc., please don't forget that what it's been said in the...
  7. Re: Are Immunizations A Defense Against Aliens Eating Humans?

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    Re: Depressed Beyond Whatever I'd Experienced Prior

    OK. Being there... done that.
    As a person who has been extremely depressed to the point of not wanting to live any more I can tell you it's not the end. I'm not going to bore you with my story at...
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    According to Neville we can change any event in our lives as easy as just reviewing the event with a different outcome or just reviewing the day through our imagination meaning closing your eyes and...
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    Re: MCS......any suggestions?

    OK, GP, here it is my 2 cents for you:
    All your sensitivities are really allergies and they can be cured in minutes. It's your body's reaction to substances, smells, etc. in your environment and...
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    Re: MCS......any suggestions?

    Hello GP,
    You have a mexican flag on top of your avatar so I figure maybe you speak spanish?
    If you do please let me know. This is not a "secret" thing or anything, it's just that there's a looooot...
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    Re: Why does the process of Death take so long?

    I thought this can help you out a little bit

  13. Re: CANNABIS OIL ~ urgently need to find this in Canada for terminal friend

    A little hesitant about posting these videos but you never know if they can help. Here is the first one:

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    Re: Maxi my dog is paralysed

    I usually don't post when there are requests for health even though I do send good energy and love to the requester but in this case I decided to give you a suggestion, perhaps you'll find it...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, March 10, 2015

    Just out of curiosity:
    how come the article is dated March 10, 2015 when today is March 9, 2015?

    I figure they (he) write a few articles an depending on whatever is going on they publish the...
  16. Re: Overwhelmed by all the bad things happening in the world...

    The only advice/solution I can give you is to keep on living your life as usual, forget about all this c*** and use your time learning about quantum physics and how we really create our reality when...
  17. Re: How Do I End A Friendship With A Jehovah Witness?

    Hello GP:
    I understand your dilemma as I have had JW friends in the past. I was never interested in their religion and I was always afraid they would start talking to me about it and those...
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    Re: Feel like suicide.....

    I really want to help you out..... but I can't do it if you are not interested or willing to try what I'm about to tell you. All I can say is that I have done this "technique" for many years and it...
  19. Re: [hoax] Smithsonian Admits Destroying Thousands Of Giant Human Skeletons In Early 1900′s

    As I see it, the problem is not the validity of the stories about the giants but the court case. Did it really happen? Where? When?
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    Re: Conversations with God

    Here one of my favorite videos which I see from time to time, a good reminder...

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