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    Re: HAARP is b a c k , well sort-of..

    I completely understand Bob, thanks for clarifying. :thumbsup:
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    Re: HAARP is b a c k , well sort-of..

    Interesting change in the public access to that place, back in early 2000's only Secret / Top Secret Security Clearance Eielson AFB / Elmendorf AFB Airmen were allowed there, with only a few unnamed...
  3. Re: PURSUING X: Marketing, money and manipulation in the Alternative Media


    If I could dedicate 25 hours a day to my "hobby/passion" (let's call it like that for the moment until we find a better wording, did not wanted to use "work") I would be happy, sadly,...
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    Re: Animal communication

    Our pets keep an eye on the house when we are not home...they are aware and know when something is happening in our surroundings in a material way or "another". Every time I get home from work, my...
  5. Re: The Absolute Truth about UFOs and What the Elites are Planning

    April 2018:

    Spooky quantum entanglement goes big in new experiments
    Two teams entangled the motions of two types of small, jiggling devices.

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    Re: David Wilcock's letter of resignation to Gaia TV

    After reading this cool thread (gotta take that popcorn bag out of my system now), the only word that comes to my mind after brainstorming about it is: money.
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    Re: Power and Prayer to Soften Typhoon Maria

    After Irma and Maria last year I know the feeling...Be safe.
  8. Re: Insectoid Species - Ant and Mantis Beings, Ancestral Blessings, Bee Operators

    Interesting, a person very close to me who is experiencing some soul awakening is been having very strange dreams of mantis/ mathid looking beings...they mostly approach her in her dreams offering...
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    Re: Name Three Good Things About Yourself

    1) Adventurer
    2) Work well under pressure / danger
    3) Charmer ( my wife says she's always been surprised how I never noticed, oh well...)
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    Re: Dream...opinions welcomed.

    Thank you all.

    Running Deer: Thanks for your input is very welcomed and appreciated, I am aware of that kind of beings and always keep an eye on it, one of the reasons I asked about it here :)

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    Dream...opinions welcomed.

    For a few years now my life has changed for good and I am having these dreams ( I would call them obe's honestly, but I am no expert) again, which, I did not had from childhood.

    So far in most of...
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    Re: Switching timelines, evidence

    Without getting into details just add me to the group of 2012 fellas...everything went from sad and dark to awesome, happy and bright in my life.

  13. Re: Anthony Bourdain Found Dead at 61 From Apparent Suicide

    As someone mentioned before, Asia was all over these Hollywood perverts calling names etc...Also Bourdain always spoke his mind out when it comes to celebrities (good or bad, no filter). In a very...
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    Re: SSP and Super Soldiers (*)

    Not that I am obsessed with the topic but yes, I do have my own opinion on it. There is something that does not click in my point of view...thanks for the reference, will look into it. Blessings as...
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    SSP and Super Soldiers (*)

    Good evening everybody, random doubt about the SSP. Do not get me wrong I have read (most of it here in Avalon and some outside material) and put some brainstorming behind it, still the mere concept...
  16. Re: Linda Moulton Howe: Are we living in a holographic simulation?

    I was reading this just before noticing this post...very interesting. Deja Vu by the way.
  17. Re: Experiencing nightly disturbances and seeking clarity

    I've been having the same sensations/vibrations from a few years now and I do feel them benevolent and So far I "think" I have some control over the situation/moment, because I do wake...
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    Avalon...this one feels worse than Irma. Send some positive vibes.
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    Thanks everybody, a little joke between the lines to keep the spirit having fun. With most of the wind gone we have rain now. I am really surprised (again) that still got electricity, water.
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    10:30 electricity but no internet at my house (it is a concrete house not on the coast). I can count the times in my life I've been scared, and this is turning to be one of them. These wind...
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