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    Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    Where can I get MSM? What is a good brand of MSM?
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    Re: US Government shutdown, Tuesday Oct 1, 2013

    Some humorous blogs:

    - No worries, the NSA isn't watching us tonight
    - Hit on a girl, got shut...
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    View Post

    I don't think Alex has bounced back yet. The last I heard about him is he is homeless, and has his cell phone service cut off, because he does not have money to pay the wireless service. I have...
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    Re: This person's story can save the planet

    Hi Amysenthia,

    How do we donate to Miriam Delicado's effort?
  5. Re: My brother is in need of some healing energies...

    I will pray for your little brother, Ilie.
  6. Re: Technological advances that will directly affect you in the next 2 years

    All these tech information are way over my head, but thank you very much for sharing. This forum is awesome.
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    Re: The Galactic Command .... What is going on....f

    When reading Jimimii's post, I feel like an elementary student listening to a college professor teaching Calculus. I don't understand most of it, and just take from it the positive feelings I get,...
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    Re: Videos From Forbidden Knowledge and More

    Thank you very much for putting so much information on this thread, onawah.

  9. Re: THE SYRIA SITUATION : NEWS + UPDATES (merged threads)

    I went to the today to see how Steve Beckow defended the Obama administration about the Syrian war, and surprisingly, found a good article. (I haven't visited this site for a long...
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    Re: Help please, thyroid cancer

    Hi Flash,

    I have just listened to this video of cancer cure from onawah's thread of "Videos from Forbidden Knowledge", and found it very interesting.
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    Re: Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect

    Exactly, that's why in the past, there were so many "Vietnamese boat people" risking their lives on tiny boats across the ocean seeking freedom.
  12. Re: Web site, 'Golden Age of Gaia'... dis-information???

    Steve Beckow used to be a sincere truthseeker, and I often visited his site in the past, and sometimes posted some good articles here that I found from that site (e.g. Confession of an Internet...
  13. Re: HOW TO HEAL THE WORLD: (A roadmap you may have been waiting for...)

    While Bill suggests to assist new whistleblowers to publish critical information, I am thinking of supporting the existing whistleblowers who have made a lot of sacrifices and are currently either...
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    Re: Avalon is being monitored by 4 different groups.

    There are good and bad guys in every organization, and in those alphabet agencies, too. I just hope that while "they" are monitoring us, "they" get a chance to know the truth, and are awakened, and...
  15. Re: Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations

    A fun one to read...

    "A love letter to the NSA agent who is monitoring my online activity....
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    Re: Private Bradley Manning on WikiLeaks trial

    Thank you very much, Cidersomerset, for keeping us updated about this trial. I hope that despite all odds, justice will prevail.
  17. Re: The "spying scandal" is a dangerous joke and a planned distraction.

    This article on CNN is kind of funny

    especially this picture...
  18. Re: Alex Jones Praises Anti Illuminati Film 'Oblivion'

    The TV series "The DollHouse" is also a good one about brainwashed and mind-controlled people. In one episode, it shows a senator who is mind-controlled, makes me wonder if this may have happenned to...
  19. Re: Iraq War vet pens 'last letter' to Bush and Cheney

    Thanks very much, gripreaper. That's the truth. I wonder how many people grasp this when they see this movie.
  20. Iraq War vet pens 'last letter' to Bush and Cheney

    I am glad that this news appears on MSM. Hopefully more and more truth can come out on MSM.

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