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  1. Re: Crowdsourcing a MOVIE with Kerry Cassidy & Jay Weidner

    A good idea.

    There are some excellent books and information out there that would make both a hit movie as well as exposing some of the truths. However this would be a tricky and risky business...
  2. Re: Will Seattle be the next target on November 3rd?

    Fascinating - no doubt the elites do signal their intentions through symbolisms in plain sight.

    Not long to wait to find out
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    Re: Orion ETs using Satanic Cult and Social Media

    Whilst I have not experienced anything like this it does seem very plausible to me.

    We are surrounded by endless invisible energies where it does appear various ET's, human tech or rogue AI have...
  4. Re: Video of Black Diamond - Rectangle Shaped UFO - UAP over Los Angeles

    Just thinking - is it possible this might be a foil balloon? My son has launched many large birthday balloons into the sky which look very similar from a distance
  5. Re: NY Area Fire Commissioners Vote Unanimously for New 9/11 Investigation - July 2019

    I emailed them disagreeing with their move.

    I explained this was a matter that concerned all nations and Governments especially the the UK who has been complicit in the denial and cover up....
  6. Re: NY Area Fire Commissioners Vote Unanimously for New 9/11 Investigation - July 2019

    38 Degrees have pulled my 911 campaign. Clearly this organisation has been compromised and is largely a waste of space
  7. Re: NY Area Fire Commissioners Vote Unanimously for New 9/11 Investigation - July 2019

    Sticking my neck out here to push for a New 911 Investigation, Hope the youtube video is genuine.

    I just created a campaign on a UK campaign site which has significant...
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    Re: The Amazing Colour Changing Card Trick

    We willingly allow digital to think for us so our mind goes to bye byes
  9. Re: NY Area Fire Commissioners Vote Unanimously for New 9/11 Investigation - July 2019

    Think they'll start a war in middle east and economic collapse to distract attention before they allow this to gather momentum
  10. Re: Why Can't We Get A "Clear" Image of a UFO?? - Revealing Article

    Advanced beings appear to have the ability to alter the density/frequency of matter. Photographing an object not fully materialised into physical matter as we know it, I imagine is difficult to...
  11. Re: Paul Craig Roberts reports on the recent Building 7 report

    As I understand Governments can instigate a number of different types of investigation.

    Was 911 a politically motivated terrorist act or organised crime which have different procedures and...
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    Re: Message from 2036

    Interesting ideas
  13. Re: Stewart Swerdlow Interview with Laura Eisenhower

    Never really been a great fan of Swerdlow because of his involvement with the Montauk program which likely has the ability to mess with your memories and thoughts.

    Only watched about half but the...
  14. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    Deliberately confusing information to support UFO and ET deniers
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    Re: Remote Viewing: Timeline until the Year 2100

    Very interesting and believable scenarios.

    We will no doubt end up somewhere in between unless some external event outside of our control occurs - sun nova predicted for around 2046 - apparently!
  16. Re: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

    The CIA coined the phrase conspiracy theory to ridicule those that question the official narrative. This is not working so now they say conspiracy theories actually create terrorism.

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    Personally I can't see why we did not go to the moon. I think too many people were involved to fake it. Afterall we were likely on Mars in the mid 60's
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    To answer Bill's questions my answer is no and no.

    Paywalls help pay the bills for ‘original’ content should anyone wish to pay for it as well as protecting it from any future censorship.
  19. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences

    In 2015 I was in Spain with my family at a restaurant one evening. At the table next to us was an old German guy with a much younger women, something seemed odd to me. Facially she had strong...
  20. Thread: Me and UFOs

    by yelik

    Re: Me and UFOs

    I think you are getting close to some important but disturbing truths. Of course the Universe is teaming with all manner of alien lifeforms – the good, bad and ugly. But we should also be mindful...
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