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  1. Re: The sheer volume of concrete and steel that simply vanished on 9/11

    There are several very good reasons to disregard buried nukes as a demolition mechanism.

    1. In WTC1, 14 people were unharmed in a stair near the 4th floor.
    2. There is no visible evidence of...
  2. Re: The sheer volume of concrete and steel that simply vanished on 9/11

    The explosions in WTC1's basement occurring prior to the plane crash were likely caused by more conventional explosives.

    However, if you have understood Pommer's latest theories from the past...
  3. Re: The sheer volume of concrete and steel that simply vanished on 9/11

    That's a pretty good very brief summary of Pommer's work Baby Steps.
    He does go into detail about the points you make at the end of your post.

    He is certain (and I concur) that there were...
  4. Re: JFK: 3 shooters, the fatal bullet from Johnny Roselli in the storm drain.

    The physics troubles you?

    You are claiming that Greer fired a gun containing the 'mother of all magic bullets' whereby the nearest side of JFK's head to Greer was his left temple,
    but Greer's...
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    Thanks for your reply Spaceball. You have been the only one so far who is attempting to answer my question.
    Unfortunately you didn't quite explain what I am asking about.

    You said they did use...
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    Bill I have asked this question several times now above, but no one has attempted to answered it yet.

    Let's go with the assumption that they landed on the moon and the photos/videos were faked.
  7. Thread: St Thomas

    by DaveToo

    Re: St Thomas

    The spiritual collides with the musical...
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    The moon?
    Did you know that Canada has already been to Mars, planted a flag there, and kept it under wraps?
    It was a top secret project by TPTB and is only being revealed now.
    Check out this...
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    That was 'Henry Deacon' (real name Arthur Neumann).


    Bill the above link is not working for me.
    Fixed it by removing the...
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    I assume they just abandoned the rover on the 'moon'?
    If it took them that much trouble just to unpack it...
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    Here's a 9-second animation that may help.


    Looks Disney-ish to me. I like how the 3D-wheels just pop up from nowhere. Weren't taking up any space either? :)
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    Thanks Mariner for taking the time to make this post!
    As I said when I entered this thread, I haven't put in years or even months of research into this topic.

    However with the little research I...
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    Not yet.
    Thanks I will shortly though.
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    I yearn for answers.

    I think there is a very strong urge by many to want to believe we went to the moon (whether we went or not).
    Once that urge becomes overwhelming, the mind starts to...
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    Thanks for your input Justn.

    I certainly can appreciate the amount of information you had to have processed if you studied this subject for 40 years.

    I have a science background and so my brain...
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    Yes, I drew that conclusion too really quite a long time ago :) It's an observation that's bang on the money.

    There was a real moon landing, for sure, (and there are likely many more going on even...
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    I consider myself a 9/11 expert. A 9/11 conspiracy authority. This is because I have spent literally years researching the subject, full-time.

    With the limited research I have done on the moon...
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    Yeah and there were too many people involved to 'fake' 9/11, JFK, MLK, RFK etc. :)
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    Yes and how often do we become upset when someone self-censors as opposed to
    censoring others' viewpoints, work etc.?

    BIG difference.
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    Of course that wasn't censorship!
    Not even close.

    A guy wanting to make money or a living is not censorship.
    Funny, but if you pay the bucks for membership, you are no longer 'censored'.
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