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  1. Thread: Mr. Robot

    by Lifebringer

    Re: Mr. Robot

    Thanks, had to find it on YT for the media to play smoothly, but I've got it on fav.
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    Re: had regression yesterday

    I go to the Native American Meditation video on Youtube and sometimes the flute or water sounds of nature. Focus in on the sounds, not your surroundings and see yourself in your own minds eye,...
  3. Re: 'They' Told Me To Write A Book In One Month....I Did.

    Congratulations on the book's completion/your story.
  4. Re: 'They' Told Me To Write A Book In One Month....I Did.

    You too? appears there are numerous things they want printed and shared. I'm just about finished with mine, only it started in 2006, stopped until 2009, and then the flood of info to which...
  5. Re: Why China wants to land a spacecraft on the mysterious far side of the moon

    If the processing is done away from earth on the Moon as a filling station for craft, it makes sense. American commercial travel corporation Virgin had a few problems, perhaps the want the Chinese...
  6. Re: Why China wants to land a spacecraft on the mysterious far side of the moon

    If this helium 3 is the power source of some discs, it makes sense to start researching it for intergalactic space exploration and travel.
  7. Re: Everything you need to know about ticks and Lyme disease - and how to protect yourself

    It was one of the paperclip scientist from Germany, that ran the theory of increasing the possibility for a lyme disease plague, because the symptoms mimic many diseases. I remember doing some...
  8. Re: Remote viewing by Courtney Brown and others - Saturn's moon Lapetus

    I've gone to their YT site, pick up the trail there.
  9. Thread: near death

    by Lifebringer

    Re: near death

    Again the Masonary 333. I've been seeing this number for two or 3 weeks now. Amazing the multiple is half of the number of man.(666) I am woman, therefore half of mankind's history on Earth. This...
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    Re: Planet Earth Now Has A Flag

    Don't know what the planet's land masses will look like w/poles shifting.
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    Re: Facts of Matter

    I know if they use it for solar it will generate more power in a smaller space.

    Are they about to release the energy box, Greer mentioned 8 years ago?;)
  12. Re: Putin signs law allowing for undesirable foreign organizations to be closed down

    Does Russia have businesses or NGO's here causing political, divisiveness or breaking any laws? If not then who are we to tell them to open their doors to warmongering organizations, stirring up...
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    Re: Ceres, some mysteries only deepen...

    An off world prison for the bad guys? Let's hope. :-)

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    One of the white objects, appears to be an "X" in Roman numeral.
  14. Re: Monsters of USA Creation according to Pentagon ISIS Document

    I'll testify that John McCain and Lindsey Graham put a bill up to fund ISIL/ISIS.

    Got it on the c-span archives during the Libyan revolution. GOP sucks traitor boots.:highfive:

    Also why Rand...
  15. Re: Mike Adams--Wake up call--warning--get prepared--

    I survive, but barely. My hubby doesn't care and is tired of me speaking on the shtf scenerio. Guess who's gonna survive and who's not? The one NOT pitching in or helping to store dry goods isn't...
  16. Re: It's no wonder evil people still rule the world

    Actually there is. You move forward and the do karma and redo, "if" they are forgiven. In the book of Enoch, they were told they would not be forgiven and that's why they don't care how much they...
  17. Re: Does anyone know any shamans or psychics that can help me?

    Draw your energy forth and shape it into a ball, then force it back into yourself to eliminate what's currently occupying. The force will blow it out and it will not be able to come back in if you...
  18. Re: Exopolitical Maths - Artificial Intelligence Role in Exopolitics

    Yep, humans are the corrupt ones in the movies. It's like designing a self-sustaining farm of drip irrigation for crops, and the CIA using it for water boarding. Like signs, logos, and pyramids,...
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    Re: Best place in the world to live?

    Hmm.. as long as there is direct deposit and swipe card system in place, even a senior in America on fixed income, could live healthy. I hope there are high mountains. Africa seems to be the only...
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    Re: Best place in the world to live?

    And canisters of pollen from male and female plants, if they kill all the bees on us.
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