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  1. Re: Why the Law of Attraction fails to be Universal

    In all fairness, I don't think the Universe is concerned with human labels of positive and negative. We do live in a vibrational universe, but desiring something and existing at a vibrational level...
  2. Re: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

    Beginning to watch video, so forgive me if this is answered… but who benefits from a poisoned, dead world? Is the goal manipulation of the purely physical world? I do not see a framework where it all...
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    Re: Electronic Heroin

    Have cut all digital media with the exception of the computer (which I limit :)
    No TV or radio (paper subscription to newspaper)
    Keep phone on silent and check messages/voice mail 2x per day....
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    Re: Electronic Heroin

    Fascinating vid. Does anyone else get the distinct impression the kid is hosting another entity? Certainly my guess would be an entity feeding off the child's emotion as he plays the game…. just a...
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    Re: Not looking good at Fukushima

    Thank you for this information. Certainly it is information to know. I wonder if the many underground bases established by the military, as well as the Norwegian Seed Vault, will be utilized in the...
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    Re: Strange Spritual Energy

    Thank you everyone for posting. Quite disturbing, unsettling energy. Sad and dark, even for many of us who have a spiritual practice! Also,I had an almost humorous bout with my electronic car...
  7. Re: Avalon is being monitored by 4 different groups.

    It is important to remember that we ARE being monitored, all of us, all the time. For most emails, texts,internet postings, social media, phone calls etc., it would be logical to assume a...
  8. Re: The Shift - From Ambition to Meaning - Dr. Wayne Dyer

    Thanks for posting. I have met Dr. Dyer - he seems sincere and does not seem to possess the "rock star" ego one sometimes finds in public figures. Although he has experienced a great deal of...
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    Re: Obesity and food preservatives

    Good advice and solid recommendations. Whole, healthy food is critical to maintaining one's physical and mental strength and clarity. It is, however, extraordinarily difficult in work, travel and...
  10. Re: Michael Hastings, 'Rolling Stone' Contributor, Dead at 33

    The rather blatant murder of Michael Hastings is chilling and real. He walked the talk and paid the price. I am not surprised at how quickly the "mainstream" news buried the story, but I am surprised...
  11. Re: Eating a GMO free diet? Is anyone doing it...or up to it?

    Good luck with your new non-GMO - avoiding the big four - corn, corn syrup, canola, soy- and processed foods containing is fairly easy. Since I don't eat wheat, by diet is based on rice, veggies,...
  12. Re: My son was attacked by a pack of pit bulls today.

    If you have the time and means,file a Civil Lawsuit, you should have a solid case. Did the medical staff take photos? Always a good idea in a dog bite case.

    Also, nearly ANY breed of dog becomes...
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    Re: Clif High WEBBOT : Global Coastal Event

    No matter what the "future" holds, I am continuing to live my life in the present in exactly the same way. Peace.
    "No one here gets out alive" ~ Jim Morrison
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    Re: This Energy is Intense!

    Thank you for this thread. I am always a bit skeptical of subjective feelings, knowing how strongly the mind can affect the body. Yet.... yes, this energy is profoundly different. I notice a "charge"...
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    Re: Exact timing of Winter Solstice 2012

    Thanks, Anchor! It's 3 am or so on the West coast, so I will wake myself an hour or so before. I feel a silent meditation at that time of the morning should be interesting!
  16. Re: Check out this Kesha video and look at all the illuminati signs in it.

    Sort of like a modern, female update of Billy Idol's "White Wedding", but crummier music.... anyway, I almost think that putting Illuminati symbolism in videos has become "cool"..if this is the work...
  17. Thread: The Energetic

    by ahamkara

    Re: The Energetic

    I agree with Fred about the dark energy - yes it is there, and yes I can sense it as well. Yet.... I am a teacher and I work at an elementary school. On Monday, most teachers simply confirmed that...
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    According to links posted on this thread, the children's bodies have been viewed in open casket funerals. Also, the bodies were prepped for burial by numerous people in the funeral homes, so I feel...
  19. Re: Media blackout: Oregon mall shooter was stopped by an armed citizen

    I live in Oregon. Many Oregonians lawfully carry concealed weapons. I carry, and feel safer doing so. As a woman, who often must travel alone, I never feel like a "victim". A previous neighbor, a...
  20. Re: Why is pork bad for you in regards to spirituality?

    Modern pigs are a genetic modification of wild boar. Human DNA was used in this modification. Attachment to the "sweet" taste of pork is interesting in this light. Choose wisely.Peace.
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