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  1. Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor

    Kerry wrote to me privately, concerned about this thread. She asked me not to publish her e-mail, and of course I won't.

    But I can quote my reply:
  2. Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor

    Understanding and awareness have to include information and facts. Collecting information is what researchers and investigative journalists do.

    Kerry, when you replied on this thread (and a...
  3. Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor
  4. Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor

    No, it's not. Often, yes. But sometimes, things are pretty real down on this level. Look at today's thread about the torture of juveniles in detention in Australia. Or the beheading a couple of days...
  5. Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor

    Well, maybe not.

    For the record, this is what I wrote to Kerry privately (very slightly edited), when she e-mailed me a few hours ago that she'd been contacted by an Avalon member (this was not...
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    Re: Pleiadian Starseeds

    Yes, this is very common... there are a lot of new visitors here from elsewhere (and elsewhen :) ). Pleiadians aren't the only incarnations here, by any means. Many Avalon members will resonate......
  7. Re: The Electronic Control Grid, New Full Length Film from Omnisense


    Great work. :clapping:

    * Trivia: I liked Bill Deagle's pun on the same subject... "Technologies of the Electronic Cage" :)
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    Abbott and Costello on Unemployment :)

    COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America.

    ABBOTT: Good Subject. Terrible Times. It's 5.6%.

    COSTELLO: That many people are out of work?

    ABBOTT: No, that's 23%.
  9. Re: The Mandela Effect. Is this CERN? Project Pegasus? The Montauk Project? The Philadelphia Experiment?

    Hi there, Houman: :waving:

    This is potentially interesting stuff, but if I understand you right (and I may not! :bigsmile: ) looking back at old documents and records doesn't actually mean...
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    Re: What happened early this morning

    Well, this is getting around. :)

    Early this morning I was woken up by a distinct voice — a male voice, that I didn't recognize — that simply said 'valuable'.

    I'd bet it was somehow my own...
  11. Re: Schumann Resonance, Giza Pyramids, and Universal Consciousness

    Freudian slip? :)

    (Welcome to the forum!)
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    Re: The Phil Schneider mystery

    Voices in one's head — that no-one else can hear — aren't necessarily imaginary. They can be personally targeted and induced in the brain by advanced technology, too, and this absolutely does...
  13. Re: THE CORPORATION: A Powerful & compelling movie

    Here it is: (my recommendation: download it using and watch it in 720p high quality)
  14. Re: THE CORPORATION: A Powerful & compelling movie


    Yes, do everything you can to see it. I first saw it on the big screen in a mainstream movie theater in Edinburgh when it came out in 2003.

    It compares large corporations with...
  15. Re: What has been your biggest bubble burst to date for or by you?

    100% the same answer for me. Norman's referring to Dave McGowan's detailed, important (and rather shocking) research into the origins of the music revolution in the 60s and 70s, based in Laurel...
  16. Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor

    Rather more than a 'red flag'. It's a damning indictment.

    Yes, he does.

    I wrote in reply (slighly edited here):
  17. Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor

    This e-mail was sent to me an hour ago (name and address supplied). I copy it here verbatim with nothing changed.

    It should be read by everyone on the forum, and by anyone who has ever had any...
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    Re: Flat Earth Idea - Why so popular?

    I reject your conclusions based on this.


    Psst! I think GalaxyHorse's post was heavy, deadpan, satire. :)
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    Re: The critical methane problem we all face

    From (and other sites):

    Siberian Soil Bounces and Random Craters are Forming – What is Going On?

  20. Re: Shooting in Munich shopping centre, 9 dead, Friday (today) 22 July 2016

    Just a note: to some degree, we need to know what we each mean by the term 'false flag'.

    It might be used to refer to

    Something that's entirely theater, and is choreographed and scripted...
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