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    Re: Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative

    Anyone from this and many other online forums could have written that and poor old Benny is an easy target these days. Maybe the white hats have been infiltrated or maybe it's a dark cabal member...
  2. Re: HighTime to Breakup the UK,The British Empire and Monetarist System Now!

    Of course there is no fairness in the system, is that not why we are all here? to question, to find the answers. The people of Scotland, fed up of unfairness and the old choices decided to go for...
  3. Re: HighTime to Breakup the UK,The British Empire and Monetarist System Now!

    Spoken like a true English man there. I am really sorry that us sponging Scots have held your glorious English nation back in the world.

    I really don't want to derail the thread into an...
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    Re: Bill Ryan joining Kerry & David W. with Bill Wood

    It's disengenious for DW to claim that the arrests of some low level police and journalists are confirmation of what him and Fulford have been saying. This is an on running large story in the UK and...
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    CHE, do you know if 'Bicarbonate Soda' is the Same as 'Baking soda'?

    I visited my local supermarket in UK earlier. They only have baking powder (which I read is Not the...
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    I take personal exception to this statement, I've been a musician for 35+yrs and I believe I have a little more experience than a passing naysayer! Where's your proof that Any percentage leads to...
  7. Re: An important announcement following the closure of the WORM TONGUE thread

    Being a new member here I am reading all this with incredulity, I did not like the forum joining process in the first pace which left me with somewhat of an elitist feeling. I have only posted a...
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    Re: An experience that changed my life

    Great story! Thanks for sharing.
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