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    Never give up.

    Hope. Faith. Empowerment.

    We have great momentum. We are just barely coming into our true power.

    Can artificial intelligence EVER be better than REAL intelligence? No. There...
  2. Re: Student Attacked For Telling The Truth

    They eliminate teachers who are too free with their speech also. I've witnessed this.

    Conformity schools that are mandatory are committing crimes against humanity: pharma is in the schools;...
  3. Re: Neutralizing the bad/negative with "positive insurance"

    Awesome! This is what I call a New Paradigm consciousness technology.

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing. I'm going to try it.

    The group I'm involved with practices gratitude for...
  4. Re: Kick-em-Jenny Volcano causing orange alert in the West Indies

    I'm sure you're Divinely protected and all is in Divine Order; blessings of love and warmth and comfort and continued Peace.

    Love to ALL,
    Michelle Marie
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    Re: Focusing on Solutions

    My time, and especially my Internet time has been limited. I've thought of sharing my community visioning project here, on Avalon, but haven't gotten around to it yet. ...
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    Hi! Awakeningmom,

    I'm active in presenting the solution (of awakening) to the problem (deceptive crimes against humanity). For example, I'm involved in a group called "Southern Oregon Blue Skies...
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    Re: Synchronized Group Meditation

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm in.

    This is great...Divine alchemy using group consciousness. Exponential transmutation.

    Michelle Marie
  8. Re: Creating A Personal Virtual Reality

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I share this intentional vision. I pour loads of Love of All substance from my heart.
    I do these visions routinely.

    This is it!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I really...
  9. Re: JPMorgan Tech Workers Have New Conspiracy Theories

    Let's keep that in our central focus together...this IS the ultimate vision/outcome that we are helping to create.
    Fill this vision with Love.
    Above all else, we are becoming empowered by our...
  10. Re: I need a lot of light right now. I need help.

    You are doing a great job!
    Stay in your imagination with what you choose to see/create. Feel love. Ignore outer circumstances "evidence to the contrary" and keep the Faith. The release it to God...
  11. Re: Bases 46: Transhumanism, DNA Technology, Chemtrails, Alien AI and Black Goo

    Great discernment!!!

    I haven't seen the video yet, but I know what you're talking about subtle deceptions that just get "snuck" in there. I'll certainly listen with my heart Truth filter on. ...
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    Re: I Need a Soul Reader

    Hi! Elliot,

    Blessings to your soul.

    You have stated your intent to be protected. Universe noted.

    You are sovereign and powerful. Your conscience is the Light within which you can activate...
  13. Re: This is happening, WHY? (Weird problems with various products...)

    Yes, a friend told me that products he was using at his construction job were not behaving/functioning normally.

    He said it's as if there's a new physics. (different energy context?)

  14. Re: Oathkeeper Cop Warns other Cop For Harassing Citizens on July 4th 2015!

    A true Hero!

    I support him with prayer, protective Light, and Legions of angels.
    The true Light Warriors are here.

    I deeply and sincerely thank God.

    I'd like to share the power of...
  15. Re: Siri: The Symbolism of Inversion - The Symbols That Speak To You

    Interesting. I've been saying for quite awhile "It's Opposite Day" so this makes perfect sense to me.

    When I had an iPhone, I turned Siri OFF.

    I used to hide my eyes from cameras all around...
  16. Re: Why Operation Jade Helm is freaking out the Internet ?

    There are many Light pillars that are far more powerful than the seemingly forceful nefarious agendas and actions of usurped authority. It seems to me that the u.n. Is the central organizing factor...
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    Re: Healing from Morgellons dis-ease ?

    Yes, I will try the bath.
    I haven't seen any fibers.

    (Sorry about the delay -- limited access to the Internet.)

    Everyone can be a healer. I've done some aura healings and energy work. I...
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    Re: And THAT's how they all died...

    I like the sense of empowerment in many of these posts on this thread. The ability to OVERCOME is prevalent.

    Spirit is Essential Wisdom when we are connected to the all with GoodWill.

    All have...
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    Re: Healing from Morgellons dis-ease ?

    It seems that's what I have. Self/friend diagnosed, so not sure. However, if so, from the list, I can say that the first 3 are true and most of the other ones, too. No military or helipcopter...
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    Re: Energy Vampires/Psychic Attacks?

    Yes. I felt the same energy on Sunday. There seems to be a full moon correlation. Your post is helping me to grasp what is happening.

    I'm doing energy transmutation for my own field, but the...
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