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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    OK, finishing up a very emotional week, having been with a good friend right after his arrival (med-evac helicopter ride) at a local hospital for emergency heart surgery. His recovery from the brink...
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    Sticky: Re: Message Board: Avalonians Request Our Help

    See post #43497

    Sending, sending, sending…

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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Thank you, thank you Sierra for connecting my friend Grant up with the healing energies of the good loving souls here. Grant (meet him here, if you want) is doing tremendous. Friday they got him...
  4. Re: Boy who claimed he had been to heaven retracts story - bestselling book is pulled

    Meggings stole my line! Dammit! I was just about to say that it was all a bunch of Malarkey!

    Oh well, as far as someone can believe something that has not been personally experienced, I believe...
  5. Re: UFO ejecting multiple crafts in Massachusetts

    My 2 semesters of computer animation in college lead me to believe this is fake. But, even before studying this for video fakery, note that the position of the camera allows the lights to align...
  6. Re: Cure For Alzheimer's Disease - Stanford University

    Excellent, thanks Agape!

    I'm thrilled that university researchers and even the (evil) Big Pharma corporations are working on Alzheimer's cures, but I'll be ecstatic when we figure out cause(s) and...
  7. Re: Cure For Alzheimer's Disease - Stanford University

    I almost posted this article myself, a couple of weeks ago. When I dove deeper into it, it appeared that (just as was indicated by the original provocative article title, "Did Stanford researchers...
  8. Re: New Moderators joining the Avalon Forum team

    Yay! Welcome back, Marianne!
  9. Re: New Moderators joining the Avalon Forum team

    Don't you think that the individuals that have unselfishly provided their services and their time to Avalon deserve to simply be honored for their service, and to be able to take sabbaticals or step...
  10. Re: New Moderators joining the Avalon Forum team

    Thank you to Christine, Karelia, and Hazel for the MANY MANY hours/days/weeks and even years of work you've given to moderation at Project Avalon, and I can only wish you the best in your focused...
  11. Re:

    There is a brand of "Ivory Teff" tortillas on the US (health food) market - in the gluten-free section. It is the only place I have seen teff products other than the flour. The tortillas are tough....
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    Re: Important update for users of MMS

    I'm confused by your reply, Dennis. The opening post of this thread makes no mention of MMS2.

    MMS (and now distinguished as "MMS 1") is made using SODIUM CHLORITE solution and an acid
    MMS 2...
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    Re: Important update for users of MMS

    I'm bumping this because I think it is important and because...

    ... I really wish I had not just ordered MMS2 a week ago (I'd cancel the order if I could.) Sounds like I'll stick with the original...
  14. Re: social network looks like a scam / trap. Linked to beforeitsnews not secure...

    A few friends joined, and asked me to join. I did, but have only made one post there. Anyway, I'm a member. All members just got a letter from the founders of via email. I'll copy it...
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    Re: The Reset Button Movement

    Are we going to drag the baggage of failed activism tactics into 2015? (Remain on the mobius strip? Exemplify Einstein's definition of insanity?)

    Or, are we going to stop and seriously consider...
  16. Re: UN Security Council rejects Palestinian statehood resolution

    As you mentioned, ANY vote in the security council can be vetoed by the mighty (sociopathic) USA. The UN - even if all UN representatives were benevolent - would still be a sham as long as the USA...
  17. Re: Is the Sun acting strange ? This from RMN....

    There are hundreds, thousands of "false leads" in videos. I remember one from a few years ago that made it appear that there were some small spiral-shaped creatures flying at extreme speed, caught...
  18. Re: I want to try MMS, but my girlfriend thinks it's poison

    Well, you've already tried it (and if you show positive results, you will have shown your girlfriend)... but, here is a video that I believe has an incredibly good chance of changing anyone's...
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    Re: Merry Christmas to all Avalonians

    Thanks, Aragorn, for starting this thread, and for all who take the time to connect with it by posting, or thanking, or even just "energetically linking" to it.

    To me, the most amazing thing about...
  20. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #3 : Whistleblowers, Milabs, and STAND BY ME

    Thanks for the newsletter, Bill!

    The interview with the female milab was powerful and poignant. I had not seen it before. As member "DNA" mentioned above, it is very uncomfortable to visualize...
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