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  1. Re: 3 BOOKS TO GIVE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS (A time capsule Project)

    How about a scrapbook of articles from around the world, of disclosures or revealings we've learned. Some MSM only when they've prosecuted or an ending to the situations we face has faced justice. ...
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    Re: definition of love

    I think of it as "whole-self" homesickness throughout the life, if you never marry or make friends to fill that void. If you've never gotten close to have a bff. Do you think that is why those...
  3. Re: In Gratitude to Albert and the Celestial Sons

    Thank you that resonated for me. I've got this vision of me above while looking below, but I'm on board listening to someone who says: "Aren't you glad you're not there." Below was a nation being...
  4. Re: CIA 'CONTRA-EXPOSED': DRUG Dealer Freeway 'Ricky Ross' & 'Gary Webb's story goes to Hollywood

    Pretty bad, eh Jack. We've known this for the last 30 years as well as why the aids virus was created. They really have no heart or conscious when it comes to the people of this country. They...
  5. Re: Phosphate fertilisers are poisoning the air, water, soil, wildlife and our food

    Looks like they've been changing names again. Flourine poisoning=madcow? Who's to know, when they are paid to turn their head or sign off on it. I believe that this may also be in the chem trails....
  6. Re: What is That Mysterious White Blob on Ceres?

    They're full of it and act like there's no self focus on the telescopes for sharper picture. I get disc\gusted by them when they do this.
  7. Re: Our Media and Leaders are lying again!

    What if it's the cabal side of the gov moving equipment, paid for by cutting into military budgets all these years? Cornered, desperate to stir up that offense against BRIC's, leaving the petro...
  8. Re: Hitler was never killed....fled to Argentina

    It was out in the 70's, 80's and now, like then, it will be buried in bs distraction, to sever the connection and time of the dots.
  9. Re: Hitler was never killed....fled to Argentina

    Yep, wasn't that deceitful of our OSS turned CIA under MJ? Another one of those unfinished business thingys, whose perpertrators are still at large, all who aided this war criminal, are treasonous...
  10. Re: Water Bounces Right Off This Super-Repellent Material

    Great investment for autos and planes and boats, homes, roofs with heavy snows, but will rubber on a tire grip to stop a vehicle?
  11. Re: A very humanoid figure in Mars Rover photo

    That's what I was thinking. Something else, suppose they are creating a whole new Mars matrix for the "travelers to mars" that is actually on Earth and use the "atmosphere" as a reason to take them...
  12. Re: 7 Children Removed From Home Over Mineral Supplement

    Its why I keep the ingredients, yet don't mix until needed any "natural" healing aids.
  13. Re: Forgiveness: Necessary, or just a way of stopping you from retaliating to aggression?

    Put them in an orbit outside until your heart can welcome them inside. Gives them a chance to grow, and you a chance to heal.
  14. Re: A paper examining the rise and fall of empires

    There is always some villain or villains that are up to no good, in each generational evolutionary shift, but they can't "do it." They've pretty much used the same game plan in all "devoluted...
  15. Re: French Nuclear Power Plants Are Being Besieged By UFO Sightings

    The cabal could deliver suitcase or other deadly devices to activate or have a cross signal to activate them or shut them down improperly causing a meltdown. This either way, must not happen. If...
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    Re: Global warming (the other way around)

    Could be the beginning of the "greenhouse effect" because not only is carbon still pouring into the atmosphere, but deadly, explosive methane, smack dab in the middle of those methane pools from...
  17. Re: The Dangers of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

    Yes they must be disposed of properly. I think the amount of time they last and the fact that most are in a ceiling, not lamp is the reasoning for them continuing production. They do last a long...
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    Re: Deep Knowledge of Alchemy by TPTB?

    Best not to see a "Rockafella practitioner until you see a natural herbalist/holistic medicine person first. Just as a precaution." The doctors of profit are admitting they've been misdiagnosing for...
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    Re: Deep Knowledge of Alchemy by TPTB?

    I was a smoker of 42 years until 01/01/15 4:14 pm. I use the mint vaporizer and no anxiety craves or anger spells. I feel great, and lungs feel much much better. Try them if you really really want...
  20. Re: WOW!! Government Admits Working With UFOs & Aliens May 6, 2013

    Look up "Canadian Prime Minister Paul Hellyer Disclosure" on you tube. Lots there and he also was at the "Paradigm Group's testimony on disclosure Apr 29th, 2013 through May 3rd, 2013 before former...
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