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    Re: RichPlanet TV - 2015 Live UK Tour

    Interesting. I've just finished reading "Animal Farm" by George Orwell and while there is no doubt the book was written as a satire on post-war soviet society, what struck me was the parallels with...
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    Re: Home built without modern tools

    Wonderful !

    Imagine the satisfaction of living in a place you've built with your own bare hands, especially one so beautifully made. Thanks
  3. Re: British man kicked out of Canada for helping girlfriend fix up her apartment

    The only way I can respond to news like this is to laugh at the stupidity of it. It's either that or suicide.

    If this had been in India or the Philippines for example, both overcrowded countries,...
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    Re: Historian Ursula Haverbeck!

    Unless the good people of America take action, SOON, the scenario you mention will no doubt become a fact of life.

    Watching the video, I couldn't help but see the parallels between the Holocaust...
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    Re: What Would You Do if You Were the Devil?

    Convince people I was God. Which, from my own intuitive reading of religious history and from what I understand of Gnosticism, is exactly what he did do.
  6. Thread: ISS Symphony

    by mosquito

    Re: ISS Symphony

    The Earth in her glorious flatness plain for everyone to see ! :facepalm:

    Beautiful, thanks.
  7. Re: Renowned UFO And Alien researcher Timothy Good In Q&A 17 / 6 / 15 ...Ritchie Allen show.

    Ok, I'll relent. He did actually say some interesting stuff towards the end of the interview.
    Although I stand by what I said about "Above Top Secret", I can see that he's not exactly the publicity...
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    Re: Pope Francis: This is good stuff

    I've just read the article from "The Guardian" .....

    He's saying some amazingly good stuff, but I have to ask who his speech writer was. Miss Marple ?
    The speech lacks teeth. While condemning...
  9. Re: Why the rise of fascism is again the issue - article by John Pilger

    An excellent piece, thank you. John Pilger is the only real journalist working in the West these days.
  10. Re: Renowned UFO And Alien researcher Timothy Good In Q&A 17 / 6 / 15 ...Ritchie Allen show.

    Thanks Steve, I'm in the middle of listening to this right now.

    I have to say I'm unimpressed by Mr. Good. The most obvious thing about the interview is that he isn't actually saying anything....
  11. Re: Something very powerful and beautiful has happened.

    That was so beautiful and so profound, thank you. It doesn't need explaining or rationalising, it is just one of those beautiful experiences that tells you we are in fact all connected in ways we...
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    Re: Newspaper Blows Lid Off Vaccine Damages

    Good news, and as she said - this particular cat needs to be kept out of the bag for all to see.

    Good to see you posting again Tony :sun:
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    Re: Extreme loneliness and anxiety

    WOW !

    1 - You're the 1st Chinese person I've encountered who's aware of alchemy
    2 - Thanks for reminding me of a tradition which I started studying years ago
    3 - Thanks for the link to a perfect...
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    Re: Extreme loneliness and anxiety

    I completely empathise; not so much a case of "been there, got the t-shirt" as "AM there, wearing the bloody t-shirt".

    I'm also not feeling particularly loquacious, so pardon me if I'm garbled.
  15. Re: Putin signs law allowing for undesirable foreign organizations to be closed down

    The article mentions "public health", so presumably they will have the framework to get rid of Monsanto, Mac****e, etc.
    I pretty much agree with what everyone has said, good for Russia.
  16. Re: It's no wonder evil people still rule the world

    I hear you Stan.

    This is something which has plagued me for most of my life, and has come to my attention even more so recently. It seems to me that the people who suffer in this world are the...
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    Re: Planet Earth Now Has A Flag

    It's a nice enough design, but why do we need it ? As pointed out above, flags and other such symbols exist in order to delineate groups which are largely artificial; who are we separate from ? A...
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    Re: Best place in the world to live?

    Hi Matt,

    My search for a government-free paradise has been ongoing since the late 90s ! We all have different ideas of the kind of freedom we want and the kind of society we want, which is why...
  19. Re: "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- and a call for a more benevolent leadership

    Thanks Paul.

    The Link you provided didn't work (it may be only temporary) but the paper is available on the "updates" page.

    ....having now read it.

    An extremely well written peice, and I...
  20. Re: love the Earth, we're all here now! make it count!

    Is there any particular reason you're starting this thread and another TWICE but in different sections ?
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