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  1. Re: 650,000 People Are Planning to Storm Area 51 to Jailbreak the Aliens Inside

    This reminds me of the story of Dwight D. Eisenhower threatening to send in the Colorado troops to smash into area 51 if his agents were not admitted and given a full tour. Linda Moulton Howe and...
  2. Re: Haka For Jonah Lomu: A Fierce And Moving Funeral Tribute To A Great Man

    Jonah was an exceptional player and true Icon of rugby. This tribute was very fitting. His time was cut too short, but THEY say that the candle that burns the brightest, burns the shortest time.
  3. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed today.

    It seems to me that Jeffrey being finally under the spotlight of justice, as well as being alive is a dangerous threat and impediment to the ongoing machinations of other key players. My guess, his...
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    Re: If there were no borders anywhere

    Interesting thought. I think it's a lovely idea on paper, but as Bill and others have rightly pointed out, without any rules for land use the place would be a shambles. The current state of play is...
  5. Re: Happy Summer Solstice and Congratulations to Phil Scherrer!

    You make and connect several good points. There is a lot to unravel there, but it's hard not to see a possible negative higher agenda. As for rumors of time to go, I'm not so sure, i'm old enough to...
  6. Re: Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy

    Thank you mods for removing the inappropriate video.

    geofffxdwg, so not cool. Twisted, macabre stunt. AGAIN!! AGAIN!! AGAIN!!

    This game has reached its sell by date.[/QUOTE]

    I'm done...
  7. Re: Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy

    Putting this phrase in context of Kevin’s obsessive insistence on interviewing Bill, it appears his motivation from the beginning was to “put a stop to” not just Kerry, but also “and” Avalon. A hit...
  8. Re: Jay Weidner Apologizes, Admits Corey Goode is a Fraud to Groovie Bean

    Great vid, thanks for posting jcking.

    Not a great interview IMO, but a candid admission of Jay's part in creating the myth that is Corey Goode TM. Hopefully this will start to tumble Corey's and...
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    Respectfully I disagree. Even if you are completely right, awareness of what exactly and what measurable actions has that awareness truly translated into?

    His endless quest to bring forth new...
  10. Is failed disclosure due to our economy rather than fear of mass panic?

    I wondered something today and wanted to float it here for dissection.

    We value stuff as a human civilization, the stuff we value we trade with or for, for other things of greater or lesser...
  11. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe

    As a father, it is one of my jobs to protect my children. Qui Bonno, who gains by continuing the party line that vaccinations are great for everyone and that one vaccine fits all? Clearly the...
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    I'm sure if we looked hard enough we would find that he hasn't publicly commented on a great many other strange symptoms of our times, 911 being but one example. Let's not judge him on what he hasn't...
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    Re: Chemtrails over Kazakhstan and Russia

    Whichever group is organizing this, world-wide, I think we can say with certainty that it is above the "country" level. As to who this shadowy group or groups are is anyone's guess. Contenders...
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    Re: Wikipedia and the Abuse of Truth

    It is only a wiki after all. Wiki just denotes it is an editable website / database, editable by the viewer / user. Surely it will only be time before an alternative emerges. Wikiworld, wikiweard,...
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    Re: Wikipedia and the Abuse of Truth

    As Praxis rightly mentioned, Wikipedia is nothing more than a reflection of the status quo in current thought. As time passes fewer and fewer people are relying on it for serious research. Rather it...
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    Re: Do you know what this truck is doing?

    Could his car park locations around town that he moves to be related to free wifi locations? My other thought was perhaps the solar panels are not put on badly or in a low efficiency way, but rather...
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    Re: American Airport Security: is it safe?

    I recommend for you to go for it, take the trip.

    That being said, keep in mind the fun you will have at your destination as you grind through the endless security. Expect delays and long queues /...
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    I realized there was an accidental rhyme in there. ^^ :)

    The scammers, the hoaxers, the wise —
    The last of those rolling their eyes.
    Increasingly, Corey
    Expands on his story:
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    We still talking about this? This was seven years ago!

    So long as we need the authentication, confirmation or approval of any given thing from someone else, or for that matter our perceptions of...
  20. Re: Another vicarious adventure, and another Avalon Cairn (for the Wawa Grande, this time)

    Fortune favors the prepared mind. I'm looking forward to hearing how it went and the pics of you and Mara...x... N
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