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  1. Re: You Folks Are My Extended Family and I wanted to Share My Distress

    We all love you here Susan. My condolences.

  2. Re: Mathemtican John Nash killed over NEW theory that explained gravitation?

    Hi kat, amazing trick! I wonder what is going on?

  3. Re: Tom Campbell: The Language of the Larger Consciousness System

    Many thanks JRS for that video. I watched it and enjoyed it and watched a few others that Tom has.

  4. Re: Tom Campbell: The Language of the Larger Consciousness System

    Hi Giovonni, I would like to read about the experiments he did at the Monro Institute, and I have looked on the internet. I don't think they are in his book. He often refers to them though.
    Do you...
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    Re: Charleston mass shooting

    It is a tragic event indeed and I pray for all the loved ones of the victims. I don't know for sure but it doesn't look to me like a false flag event like others. But no doubt the Jade Helm thing...
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    Re: Is the ruling cabal breaking down?

    Hi Ruby I agree what you say. I used the dollars as a means to indicate their wealth.:bigsmile: It is easier than saying 3,459 priceless paintings, 9,876 priceless works of art, diamonds, rubies,...
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    He died recently, what was the cause? Does anyone think it may have been a "suicide" murder? Very suspicious in my mind. he seemed very young at 31 to die of natural causes. Not impossible but he was...
  8. Re: "Taken" A Sci-Fi ET series by Spielberg in 2002

    Thank you Vince. I will watch all the eppies!

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    Re: Karmic astrology and the like.

    Hi Steve thank you for a very good glimpse into your reality. What have you learnt about Karmik Astrology? What I know of Karmik astrology you ccould write on a postage stamp in big letters. In your...
  10. Re: 2015 Unfortunate Truth JFK, 9/11, and Beyond - The World We Live in

    Hi Leon, A very informative video. Thank you.

  11. Re: Old Man Quick Reaction to Two Drunken Thugs Trying to Rob Him!

    Hi John, great vid! They didn't know the person they picked on did they. He packed a few good punches and laid the both of them out cold. He didn't kick them on the ground either.

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    Re: Anyone know of pigeon symbolism?

    Hi Simbad, I think the pigeon is trying to tell you something for sure. You said you were thinking about going back home with emotional intensity. That is your clue. Pigeons are legend at going home,...
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    Re: Is the ruling cabal breaking down?

    Hi John, considering that the Rothchilds have in the region of 300-350 Trillion Dollars I suspect that this info is mis-info.

  14. Re: Kerry Kicking Some Butt... Interesting Interview with a Freemason

    Hi Larry, so the both Bonds were interested in birds? :p

  15. Re: Kerry Kicking Some Butt... Interesting Interview with a Freemason

    Unfortunately Kerry's guest got the better of Kerry in this interview. He sidestepped all her questioning and repeatedly plugged his books. He benefited more from this interview by being allowed to...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    Hi Wade, there is a thread about Dr Keshe at present. What do you make of him? What is he all about I wonder. I have watched a number of his workshop videos and they are difficult for me to watch as...
  17. Re: perhaps the most important piece of information on Avalon: how to get your freedom

    Hi Aurelius, I watched the video 64th KSW you posted above. I found the sound impaired and Dr Keshe is difficult to understand with his broken English. I'm sure I missed a few good points he made...
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    Re: It's Official, I'm a Coast Insider

    let us know what happened jagman.

  19. Re: U.F.O experiences and sightings Chat. LIVE SOON

    Hi Shadowstalker, I always miss the chat. :( when is the next meet up?

  20. Re: How often do you wake up with unexplained marks or scratches?

    Hi Amberbuttermilk, about 6 weeks ago I woke up from sleep to discover that I had a large blister on my left fore finger knuckle. I remember going to bed without burning my hand. The blister was as...
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