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    they are hiding what's really going on ... notice the depth , 10k ... it is my opinion that quakes at the depth of 10k are man-made ... big quakes are usually deeper...
  2. Re: Top scientist resigns from post - Admits Global Warming is a Scam

    Climate Change is more accurate , the thinking patterns of human beings affects the climate/nature ... negative energy promotes negative results ... Earth is full of corruption , War , and Death ......
  3. Re: >>>>A Possible Monster Quake Coming ! ? ~~~

    What photo taken from the future? I missed that thread? Thanks![/QUOTE]

    The late Wendell Stevens viewed photos taken from the future of the San Fransico quake ... Edward had the ET's take him...
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    Re: SECRET UFO Propulsion Systems

    When they quit using thrust from the back to push vehicles forward , and start thinking of energy shot forward and the vehicle being pulled forward following the light beam , then they will make a...
  5. Re: >>>>A Possible Monster Quake Coming ! ? ~~~

    The next big quake could be the san fransico quake , that pretty much destroys the entire city ... do they make cars yet without side mirrors ??? the cars in the photo taken from the future , had no...
  6. Re: Dwarf planet discovery hints at a hidden Super Earth in solar system

    wait till they discover the sun has a twin , and our universe has a twin ...
  7. Re: Neil Keenan Update: Our Cattleman Bundy, US Blunders in Ukraine, Suicided Banksters, & Swissindo Shenanigans

    folks the bundy ranch situation is not over , the whole thing was an evaluation of tactics and strategy for the globalist , they appear to back down , chess move , they are reviewing the responses ,...
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    Re: Who flies craft like this?

    The plejaren gave information about first contact , not by them but by people from Beta-Centauri , a system 5 light years away , that would show themselves openly and land and walk right out ......
  9. Re: Siege at the Bundy Ranch ... Armed invasion of American land ... by the US Federal Government.

    This is about setting a precedence , if they can get away with this , they can just as easily come to your house , your land , your lake , and claim some bogus jargen , bring in armed men and...
  10. Re: What's really going on at the Bundy ranch in Nevada?

    This situation is no good for anyone , it could be the beginning of a civil war against the federal government , when they can just point sniper rifles at average citizens , buzz them with...
  11. Re: What's really going on at the Bundy ranch in Nevada? check this out ...
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    Re: Clinton Total Corruption

    it is said Hillary is president when Russia attacks America ...
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    In India they have books about the traveling Hebrew , they say he survived the cross , and was brought out of his coma by shaman , travelled to India and married and had two children , they say his...
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    Re: Claimed image proof of people on Mars

    Yes. It's the Viking spacecraft:


    Excellent. I'd wondered about that Billy Meier photo for years.
  15. Re: Do you snore or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea?

    I don't rem sleep , I'm tired every morning , my wife says I quit breathing several times in the night ... maybe I have this sleep apnea ... today at 1220 I passed out and woke up with memory loss it...
  16. Re: Were Michelle Obama/Williams sisters born male?

    odd , I started watching youtube vids about Michelle Obama once being a man this weekend , and now this thread pops up ... just go on youtube and watch all the video and early pictures of the first...
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    Re: What is money?

    money is just green paper , it might as well be monopoly money , it just paper ... they print money to pay the bills every month , seems to me they would just print up all the money they need , they...
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    BTW , it is said , the real Noah flood was over 80,000 years ago ... it's up to the human being to bear responsibility for his/her own thoughts , actions , feelings ... Earth humans have always...
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    Re: Project Camelot's 20 millionth visitor

    20 million visits , truly epic ... I wonder how many those 20 million have spoken to after their visit to our galaxy class starship Avalon ...
  20. Thread: Ravens

    by ghostrider

    Re: Ravens

    He was your guide , on the journey you took while in Rem sleep ... He keeps bad spirits away while you move about ... the message = well done , my good and faithfull servant ... you must have done...
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