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    Re: Unexpected OBE process

    It's very natural for the body to do this ghostrider.
    The buzzing and vibrations in your ears will reach critical mass, only if you allow it.
    If critical mass is allowed to happen then your...
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    Re: Bases 23 Micheal Prince aka James Casbolt

    I get the feeling this is not going to go away.
  3. Re: A question about C2C last night?

    Very good thread, Mr Hoagland jumps on any good anomaly, as he has been quiet for a long time he wants to be in on this. It's very exciting and I hope the divers get some answers that we will hear...
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    Re: This one doesn't look man made...

    Love. We sing about it, watch movies about it, tell our loved ones we love them. Communicating with space people about it, well that's really wonderful. Frances.
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    Re: Stunning Moon Annunlar Eclipse Photos

    Looks like the ancient boats of Egypt or the horns of the bull in Minova. Lovely photographs. Frances.
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    Re: Anybody want to quit smoking?

    I stopped smoking due to health reasons. Started taking the nicotine lozengers incase of a relapse. Became addicted to lozengers instead of cigarettes. Bottom line, nicotine is more addictive than...
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    Re: Avalon Forum Stats

    144 seems a re-occurring number. I do not understand it, but it jumps out. Frances.
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    Re: For the notice of TPTB

    Forever fan, made me laugh. Frances.
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    Re: For the notice of TPTB

    Maybe being the only one in my extended family and group of friends that is aware of world and spiritual changes, means I can guide and help them. Maybe that is my role. I feel to grounded to be...
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    Re: For the notice of TPTB

    Hello Stan, I come from a very very big family. Nobody in my family or friends know about The New World Order. My family and friends are good people they work and pay their way in life, they, like...
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    Re: The HemLoft - a secret treehouse

    Great concept but looks like he may have put nails and screws into the tree. He may have used some other method to keep the house up that I am not aware of. I would not be happy about nails and...
  12. Re: Dealing with the ridicule of what we believe

    I read it all. Powerful words. Frances.
  13. Re: Sky lights over aberdeen-police have closed off area today!

    Hello Willow, I am in Northumberland UK. Any nuculear installations around that area that may attract visitors. Frances.
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    Re: Obama administration indicts another whistleblower

    Let's hope he is not left to stand alone. Frances.
  15. Re: Earthquake Prediction - A Suppressed Science & The Music of the Spheres

    Thank you Keith for your information, I know you try to keep it so average persons can follow your science. I follow as best I can. I appreciate it . Frances.
  16. Re: USA Strip Search now legal *ANYTIME* police want

    It's a shame that it's going on my daughter loved her 4 day stay in New York, maybe the current state of affairs will affect the tourist trade which will affect the ordinary person. She said she felt...
  17. Re: USA Strip Search now legal *ANYTIME* police want

    Well I read a recent article that an insider was talking to an interveiwer ,cannot remember where, that stated President Obama sits in an upstairs office in shorts and t shirts with ball games on the...
  18. Re: USA Strip Search now legal *ANYTIME* police want

    I think America is ready to implode. No wonder the president is in the state he is in, he knows he has lost his say. Frances.
  19. Re: Projected onto the Houses of Parliament last night - the TRUTH..Tues 10/4/2012

    Just a thought, is that a real projection or is it a computer imiage. Frances.
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    Re: Perty lights in the sky, see for yourself.

    Now something that big and bright would be see by others in the area. People would be out on the street there would be more activity if a space craft was flashing and making it's presence known....
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