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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan!

    Happy 30th birthday Bill! ;) You've provided us with a wonderful service over the years; here's to many more! I hope your life thusly is all that you wished it to be. :)
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    Re: What book changed your life?

    Illusions by Richard Bach.
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    Re: Has Duck duck go been attacked

    I use duck duck go every day, very often. No glitches to report here.
  4. Re: Jesse Ventura: Two evils in US politics mean no choice at all ...25th nov 2013

    I look forward to VP Howard Stern. Lets hope he makes Alex Jones the head of the FCC, too! ;)
  5. Re: David Wilcock update 2013-11-24: The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn

    Also, Ascension 2012!

    Please stop buying into this foolishness.
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    Re: Snakes and Wisdom

    Intertwined serpents was a symbol of the Sumerian god Enki, that's probably where it was first associated with wisdom.
  7. Re: How The Elite Have Depopulated The World Since 1945! Kevin Galalea

    Most of the first world is below the 2.1 fertility replacement rate. Planned Parenthood is a large part of this, I...
  8. Re: It seems that they are spreading alot of disinformation on purpose.....

    The CIA (or any 3 letter agency), probably. It's a known fact that they use trolls to discredit websites. Disinformation is a powerful tool; do not forget for a second that TPTB are engaged in an...
  9. Re: The Guts and the Glory of the Georgia Guidestones

    Bright Garlic, you are most certianly entitled to your opinion. I highly disagree - most of the worlds problems are due to corruption, greed, and not enough love. I could sit here and argue the finer...
  10. Re: this clearly looks like a section of pipe on Mars

    Hoagland never did dig up the actual photo names I don't think. Tho maybe those are the origionals posted. He says what's what on the episode.
  11. Re: this clearly looks like a section of pipe on Mars

    Ah yes, number 9. Gooood stuff. Ask anyone in construction what it looks like embedded in that rock, and I can bet you they'll say a peice of pipe. ;)
  12. Re: Steven Seagal: Obama regime very good at controlling media, propaganda

    Although RT is a propoganda arm of the kremlin, it still puts out better "news" than the MSM. On a sidenote, glad to see Mr. Seagal stepping up and saying something about all this. He's actually one...
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    Re: Don't give up on Avalon

    I stopped posting here after some serious nuggetry went down, you know what I'm referring to, pie. ;) I still visit this site every day, but more and more I find less and less. I won't be leaving...
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    Re: Still donating to Brockbrader?

    Nice try with what, asking you to be more polite? Insofar as I can tell, that's what he was asking you to do, while stating in his own way that he disagreed with your position on BW.
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    Re: What is the most valuable thing in the world?

    The most valuable thing in the world, is you.
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    Re: John Titor is back: has new youtube channel

    I don't believe it for a second. He needs $4000.00 dollar? I don't recall the J.T. I read about ever asking for handouts. I'd say this is a fake.
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    Re: Russia warns USA of Nuclear World War 3..!

    Just to mention about Alex Jones, he cites the vast majority of what he "cries wolf" about. This means that he's not crying wolf, just that the sort of things he covers have been going on for at...
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    Re: MAKE VIRAL***USS Enterprise False Flag!

    Thanks for the info, Kt. It's important that we all remain aware of the possible 'false flags' that could play a role in our future.

    Haven't seen you around lately, everything copacetic?
  19. Re: CAMELOT BEING AUDITED BY THE IRS! Accident? I don't think

    I'd be curious to know Bill's thoughts on the issue. My best wishes go out to Kerry in this time, being that she's already financially struggling to maintain the status quo, as it were.
  20. Re: (New!) Project Camelot: Bill Wood : Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass

    Just finished watching it. I suspect this man is telling his version of the truth. Let us hope he is correct. It is a good thing there are places such as this that spread love worldwide.

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