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    Re: Help with putting a beloved pet down at home

    Btw, I just did a simple google search for pet rescue groups and veterinarians in your area, Eureka Springs. There are several of both! I urge you call these people and see if you can't work out...
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    Re: Help with putting a beloved pet down at home

    I am really, really hating these layperson cat euthanasia methods. Some of these suggestions are just plain wrong. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CAT ASPIRIN. This will be a painful death. She may vomit up the...
  3. Re: The Project Camelot / TruTV pilot episode : SHADOW OPERATIONS - The Mars Project

    I wish that TruTV did not want to inject pretend hype. It cheapens everything and makes wayching stressful. That said, thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed the show. All of the information was...
  4. Re: My mind keeps showing me images of those angels being killed.

    I think this is so upsetting to people because the victims were children. Why are their lives so much more precious to the collective whole than all of the people that have died in mass shootings in...
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    Re: The "Dead" Sandy Hook Kids MAY STILL BE ALIVE NOW

    I am going to pose that this cabal scenario is not plausible because there are much easier ways to acquire children. I am a bit disturbed by point #4. Is that true? Did parents really not see the...
  6. Re: Update from Lindsey Williams: The Next Four Years

    I'm sorry for smearing. I just assumed my reasoning was obvious, but I was wrong. I actually thought the LW talking points sounded "smeary" to me, Admin. This is why I reacted so negatively: The...
  7. Re: Why is pork bad for you in regards to spirituality?

    I do not touch pig meat ever because they are far too close to humans genetically. When animals, humans included, eat cannibalistically, it makes them sick with degenerative autoimmune diseases. I...
  8. Re: Update from Lindsey Williams: The Next Four Years

    These Lindsay Williams talking points sound like they were ripped from the liars at Fox News or something equally disreputable. Williams is just pissed off because he doesn't like Obama Care or...
  9. Re: MASSIVE UFO spotted at the sun -- CTZ You Tube vid -- hoax or real?

    If it were really an UFO, how the heck did they know when it would reappear? I think this is a hoax.
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    Re: Help with putting a beloved pet down at home

    Dear Onowah,

    I am a crazy cat lady. I know a lot about cats. My vet says that as long as the cat is eating and drinking, they are ok to keep on keepin' on. Cats stop eating and drinking when they...
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    Re: Daytime spheres over LA

    There are weird orb things above Long Beach (in LA county) all the time. I see them 50 percent of all nights. And as far as chemtrails go, WTF is going on!? I see what I suspect to be chemtrails so...
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    Re: Sick minds create taser wrist bands.

    Those cops did not look very incapacitated to me. I don't think that bracelet would stop a terrorism scenario. I would rather take my chances with terrorists than run the risk of giving...
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    Re: Forks Over Knives - Full Movie here!

    I am not taking this post know why? Because you threw in some subtle inappropriate HOMOPHOBIC CRAP. I totally shutdown to you the minute I read that, TargeT. Who the hell do you think...
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    Re: What is the "White Light" we see when we die?

    I am definitely going into white light if it means that I will be reincarnated. Life here is so interesting. I don't want the gold glitter constant state of bliss that you are talking about. A...
  15. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    Thanks so much for clarifying, Wawdy!
  16. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    I though Coombes drew his information from insider information from a government agency. Making predictions from numerology is waaaaay different and less credible to me! As far as predicting war,...
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    Re: Contacting Your Spirit Guide

    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Re: Share Your Dreams

    I have been having intense dreams about tsunami inundating Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. I have them all the time. I dream about escaping the water sometimes, or riding the waves in a...
  19. Re: Contactee Page. Communication, Discussion, Shared technology.

    are you talking " Willingly " regect or " Mistakedly " regect ?[/QUOTE]

    Definitely WILLINGLY reject! Is that possible? Is it possible to scare contacting entities away?
  20. Re: Contactee Page. Communication, Discussion, Shared technology.

    It is possible to reject contact? As in, maybe you see something trying to talk to connect with you, but then you scare it away?
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