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  1. Re: What is the Difference Between the Soul and Spirit?

    Good question Omniverse.

    I like your answer and I will add that I believe that Spirit is everything that the Soul has experienced. So perhaps what Christians call Holy Spirit is the result of...
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    Re: What to say to a friend who is dying?

    Don't go to the light. take a right turn and follow your own path.
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    Hidden Secrets Of Money

    Mike Maloney hosts a well informed and well presented video on the creation of currency and describes why the debt ceiling is a complete delusion. There is nothing new here to most Avalonians, but it...
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    Re: Your thoughts on what's going down in Egypt?

    My 2c is that no matter what happens, the Suez Canal will be kept in Western interests and control. If existing powers do not comply or threaten the stability of oil and military shipping lanes in...
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    Re: Powerball Jackpot 600 Million

    I'd spend a large portion on wine, women and song... the rest, I'll squander.
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    Re: Pres Obama & Tiger Woods play 27 holes today

    It was a course on a course...
    How to Screw UP and Save a Reputation
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    Re: Women to the Frontlines in Combat

    Good thing... if there was ever a force made up of mothers only...defending their children... I reckon they would have conquered the world by now.
  8. Re: Just in from Duncan, for those who follow his work. "2013 ... A New Year, or a Nightmare 1 "

    A good read! Thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed. I am enlightened. You are all mirrors to myself.

    I suspect this is true:

    If one of us makes it, with soul intact... then we are all saved!
  9. Re: All thoughts come from outside- Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

    Thoughts sometime come from that which is hidden
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    Re: Tribute to September

    Hey sigma6,

    As tributes to September go... Van Morrison is tough to beat.

    Sorry for being off track though.
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    Re: Everything you know is wrong

    Everything you know is wrong

    ... I know that.
  12. Re: The Arctic is melting, the Antarctic is freezing. What does this mean?

    I guess the most important idea I want to relay is… that… yup… a bit less ice is observed in the Arctic relative to the last 32 years of data gathering… and a bit more ice is observed in the...
  13. Re: The Arctic is melting, the Antarctic is freezing. What does this mean?

    The "making it look like" doesn't compute with the computed area of ice covered sea unless that computation ignores the broken up ice... haven't found confirmation of the way the square mileage was...
  14. Re: The Arctic is melting, the Antarctic is freezing. What does this mean?

    For questions regarding world climate I always refer to my friend Piers Corbyn. His forecasting technique based on solar/lunar cycles are the most accurate I’ve come across. His track record speaks...
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    Re: Self vs Community

    Thanks Reaver, some very good thoughts here so far.

    My 2 cents is about “how do we define self?”

    “self” for many people is that which is defined by their physical body. (Yet even that is not...
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    Re: Lindsey Williams update on Gold-Seek Radio

    For those of you who are like me... I scan Lindsay Williams from time to time for some nuggets, but really dislike waisting my time listening to hype until he spits it out...

    Here are some other...
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    Re: An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge.

    Yeah Fred... I've often wondered if I am already dead... and experiencing a life review in the moment. Would I know the difference?

    hmm.. dunno. Could I train myself to see both sides of every...
  18. Re: Why is the FBI Keeping Track of Apple Device Users?

    Hello gripreaper, thank you for your post. I do not know if what you wrote is true. I am merely a human on this pilgrimage we call life… trying to understand the nature of reality for over 5 decades...
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    Re: What is Happiness and Love?


    Imo, happiness is having a sense of control in one’s life. Furthermore, that which we have utmost control over, is giving to others. If God is a giver… then we also participate in...
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    Re: From Bill Ryan -- the Ultimate Hypothesis

    As I posted earlier, I suspect a big problem is a combination of cycles all happening at once to create the “perfect EM storm”.

    Our number one defense against solar and cosmic radiation is our...
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