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    Re: Why Eckhart Tolle isn't a member of Avalon ?

    U sound like a beautiful soul! Not to burst your bubble but "if" you had attained Tolle's level you would not be on this forum or watching his tv show.
    If u were out of ego u wouldn't be searching....
  2. Thread: A Future Earth

    by PamelaB

    Re: A Future Earth

    My future earth exists where everyone has access to veganically grown unadultered food, pure water, unlimited travel (including space), unlimited time in and with nature and unlimited love. It's...
  3. Re: US Nazi Party Supports #occupywallstreet WTF!?!

    Actually there was a group of Nazis at the Occupy Phoenix demonstration--was really trying to wrap my head around it. The bottom line is there are disgruntled folks from every walk of life and Occupy...
  4. Re: Something In The Air - Occupy The World - Video

    Occupy Phoenix, October 15, 2011...and the 'peaceful' movement builds with people from all walks of life......
  5. Re: Occupy America: Updates and News About the Movement

    "Occupy Phoenix" in downtown Phoenix, Arizona @ Cesar Chavez Plaza at NOON on Saturday October 15. Weather forecast is 98 degrees bring plenty of water and a sign. Remember peaceful demonstrations...
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    Re: Spiritual Retreat

    visiting elephant stay is a must...a week if you can afford will come away with a lifelong friend.......
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    Re: Anyone know anything about Vilcabamba?

    Have been and it is an amazing place. Sits next to the Podocarpus National Park which was established in 1982 with the goal of protecting the largest forest of native Andean conifers of the genus...
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    Re: Spiritual Retreat

    Brian O'Leary's place, Montesuenos Eco-Retreat...beautiful, spell binding, Ecuador....
  9. Re: Thoughts on Gordon Michael Scallion and New World Map

    For what it's worth--I went to his presentation (and might I add he drew quite a crowd in the late 1990's) and found him to be a very authentic, down-to-earth person. Happened across him because I...
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