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  1. Re: A tentative first post - Shadow Beings, Telepathy, and Precognition?

    Welcome tmakky , i think I know exactly what you are looking for and you will have instant answers to many of your doubts, is going thru a series of videos about sessions of regressive himnosis,...
  2. Thread: Etherium Gold??

    by Yetti

    Re: Etherium Gold??

    Is that another name for monoatomic gold?
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    Re: Joseph P. Farrell interview on Jeffrey Epstein

    WAOOOOO. This jpf is amazing, he nailed without a doubt. I recomend to watch all, very good! two thumbs up.
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    Re: The Amazon rainforest is burning

    You right PRC, and also the fires didn't rise as much coverage than the cathedral in Paris burnong, must be a dark agenda behind all this, Is my personal opinion, , specially I just finish watching ...
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    Re: Turmoil in Venezuela

    Herve, you are wrong , in venezuela there is no respect people other than any obedient to the regime , I AM FROM VENEZUELA ! I know exactly what's going on there, still have family there. Economy...
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    Re: A path to soil health and food independence

    Thanks for the post, I'm just one who get envolved in farming 8 years ago, from cero more or less.
    Every day I feel that was a great decision aldough was no easy endeavour, still no easy way to...
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    Re: Wonder if you can help....?

    I never seen the tv show, but the story sounds familiar. There is a series of books that became almost an instant best seller 30 years ago in the spanish spoken country's. I have the whole series...
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    Re: The Nazca 'alien' 3-fingered mummies of Peru

    It is like everything, if you dig too deep in a subject you will find the answer , but like all is interconnected with everything , dark side will not let this go any further, cause to admit it will...
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    Re: The Problems with Facebook

    Thanks Callista I like your response to the post and I feel the same, I just want to add : many of us had being forced to go thru FB do to the fact that many of our relatives and friends overseas...
  10. Re: My visit to the Ellora and Ajanta temple caves in India

    Amazing! but don't worry I'm sure there will be some dumb A-- saying that the temples where made with primitive stone tools and thousands of saves ////. All this looks that was made with a 3D...
  11. Thread: Structured water

    by Yetti

    Re: Structured water

    Can you tell me what is a Tesla plate?
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    Re: Could it get worse? Educational fail in America

    It's hard to believe how many dumb people are around, specially here in US. When anybody just say that sentence flat earth, is an instant tell tell, Do not keep loosing your precious time with this...
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    Re: SwissIndo: The Scam Exposed

    Hi everyone, i just found this on the youtube,

    Anybody have a tough about? because to me look like the guys that promote this...
  14. Re: President Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency

    Is that list at the end with only 13 named on it or there is way more, if so anyone has the complete one?
  15. Re: Experiencing nightly disturbances and seeking clarity

    What you are experiencing is probably an OBE ( out of body experience) usually starts with a shaking when you're about to fall asleep. Nothing to fear about, ust learn how to keep yourself...
  16. Re: What would be the most humanist technology for society?

    Ernie, define better " We need reasonably potent security' against what by example? Economic security? or personal?
  17. Re: 400 Mysterious Ancient Stone Structures Discovered in Saudi Arabia

    Launching pads, more likely..
  18. Re: What would be the most humanist technology for society?

    Yes, the easy alternatives for cures are available everywhere on the web, Clean running water is a most and the new technology with foam concrete is very promising to build better houses, cheaper...
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    Re: Active shooters in Las Vegas: 59 dead, 546 injured

    The whole thing smells fishy ! , I've been hearing the same story over and over from MSM to me the broken windows look too low to be at the 32nd floor , the claim is 50+ deaths, so ,where are the...
  20. Re: Let's talk about who built the "Great Pyramids" and why. Live Tues 9/5/17 at 11pm est.

    I can't elaborate any age for the pyramids but I'm sure the cronology that the stablishment blows has been manipulated to fit the story they told to us!
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