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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    If the elite want to leave Earth , I would say to them what the plajaren have said , there are many dangers in space , and always someone who carries a bigger club ...
  2. Re: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Klaus Dona

    History is no longer hidden , it just takes time for people to work through the information ... Edward Albert Meier has posted 23,000 pages of contact about everything that almost everyone seeks...
  3. Re: Why did the bank of England close today?

    There was a banking collapse exercise in the U.S recently ... some are saying watch the stock market , if it goes down 1,000 points , keep cash on you , they could wreak havoc closing banks and ATMs...
  4. Re: Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (4)

    I love it when the mainstream news is broadcasting and ships just show up in the background ... it makes those who deny that other people live in the Universe look so silly and small minded ...
  5. Re: Sep 2014 Baltic sea anomaly latest news

    They will never get to the bottom of it , knowledge and history is controlled ... anything that points to other humans more advanced , more civilized that don't need religion and government will be...
  6. Re: Ron Paul: Ebola panic is much more dangerous than the disease itself

    The whole problem , people get in government , first mayor , then governor , then senator , then congressman , then run for president ... get the hell out of their if you have been around for more...
  7. Re: NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact

    eyes to see but they don't see , ears to hear but they don't hear ... Et contact has already happened ... 1958 to still ongoing ... 1979 they sent a letter to the carter administration , it was...
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    Re: Mrs Dolores Cannon has left Earth!

    She gave a wide range of people some hope and calmed their fears about many things ... she will be missed ...
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    Lucy is us ... we are just slowly moving where she moved quickly ... Look how your own thinking has changed just since 2012 ... I recommend everyone watch this movie , little hidden truth's for awake...
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    the Nurse's union reported over 9,000 cases of Ebola ... with only around 10,000 hospitals nation wide , and only two per hospital trained to handle that particular type of threat , it could turn...
  11. Re: 10/17/14 Colorado Earthquake at Fracking Operation! California Volcano showing movement

    That area is spooky anyway , that portion of the plate gets pushed from the quakes on the west coast around Oaxaca Mexico and pushed from the other side by Oklahoma's quakes ...
  12. Re: 12.0 Earthquake Anomaly Off West Coast of Africa! NO REPORT???

    I can see the secret government setting off a weapon to enhance nature , causing maybe a seaquake or sinkhole or something that would cause the death of many in the area affected by Ebola ... I...
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    Re: Space Plane Reception

    Henoch wrote , we would live and work on the Moon , and Mars , and space travel would become routine in the third millennium ... Henoch's words come to pass right in our faces ...
  14. Re: Egypt's Legendary Library of Alexandria

    No knowledge is lost , the human spirit knows everything , only through evolving can one draw from the storage banks of Earth's past , the energy field , that which is hidden is brought into the...
  15. Re: Putin Warns of "Nuclear Power Consequences" If Attempts to Blackmail Russia Don't Stop!


    I wish it would change ... I wish humans would unite against evil ... our leaders are going to ruin everything beautiful if we don't stop them ... we must elect leaders that have the...
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    Re: How Do You Pronounce The Name 'Jesus'?

    it's pronounced Immanuel ...

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    sorry but that name in my opinion is a made up name to deceive the world , I believe his name was Immanuel the traveling Hebrew ...
  17. Re: Putin Warns of "Nuclear Power Consequences" If Attempts to Blackmail Russia Don't Stop!

    I had to ... the spirit leads me ... it has to be out there ... even if it falls on deaf ears ...
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    Re: The True Original Sin

    The plejaren, it is said influence the spirit of Nokodemjon/Henoch , and for 13,500 years they have sent it to earth , in the persons of Enoch , Isaiah , Elijah , Jeremiah , Immanuel , Muhammad ,...
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    The True Original Sin

    it's a long read but this kind of knowledge only available from Enoch himself can't be short and easy for truth is cold and hard ... the summary - the original sin was the creator overlords...
  20. Re: A Plague Crisis, Circumstances, Alien Intervention or Invasion

    it is possible , if world leaders unleash the third world fire , the ET will give up their secrecy oath , and intervene to help humanity , not likely but still possible ...Henoch's words ... Around...
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