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  1. Lorde Browne's fracking hell 2/10/2014 lancashire decides

    Lancashire County Council, a governing regional area in the North West of England will decide if to give planning approval to allow fracking in the county (02/10/14). Your presence will be most...
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    Re: Scottish Referendum - An emotional toll

    Smile: the illusionary construct of the debate is a distraction from the timeless unchanging sensation of what Scotland is.
    A y or N will what not change that difference in the genetic vibe of the...
  3. Re: Scotland Decides on 18th Sept, Independence or not.

    Could the oil be piped south of the boarder where refining and taxation would become cheaper?
  4. Re: Scotland Decides on 18th Sept, Independence or not.

    Finally the scots will tell the english to piss off.
    but will the european union be so tolerant of the scottish assertions?
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    Re: Bases 37 Part 5 A B C Max Spiers

    Insight served with such passion should be applauded

    couple of points,

    Anyone you has worked with those on alcohol withdrawal programmes will be wholly aware of the creepy crawlies they start...
  6. Re: Unlocking Your Psychic Abilities, ESP & Intuition

    An honest and open view of experiences.

    Although when the expansion of the doors of perception open it might be helpful to hold a a key to the door of return: sampajanna.

    When you see the...
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    Re: Mantras Vibrate invoking cosmic energy

    For all of mantra's benefits it's in the area of physical and verbal abuse that i've found its greatest strength.

    One can spent hours recovering ones equanimity after a physical assault but draw...
  8. Re: New Crop Circle at Nettle Hill 18 August, 2014

    a bit rough round the edges;)
    admire the spirit
  9. Re: Dubai's New Air Conditioned City To Woo Wealthy Elite

    Although a few years old, this debate covers much of the issues that is Dubai.
    The Emirati panel speakers (Nasser Bin Ghaith & Mishal Kanoo) represent the corperate swagger that many...
  10. Re: Dubai's New Air Conditioned City To Woo Wealthy Elite

    Ilie Pandia, and the plan is?


  11. Re: Haemorrhagic fever / Ebola outbreaks have been reported - accident, natural or bio-weapon?

    Thankyou Bob,
    A psycho-social aspect of Ebola infection prevention might prove to be public health authorities recommending differing approaches to greeting people.
    Welcome to,
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    Re: What a Shaman sees in a mental hospital

    We have a duty to expand the narrow thinking in the westen industry of mental health.
    Shamen and meditation systems have a lot to share with these Consultant Psychiatrists who speak and act from a...
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    Re: Ancient Aliens S07 E01 The Reptillians

    Certainly agree speech does provides a distractional framework from clear perception.

    What if the residual memory of thier presence that is so ingrained in the carbon element of this...
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    Re: Bill Ryan in my new documentary

    With reference to star gates it is intriguing to note the depiction of tantric deities from the Tibetan tradition. They are often seen walking through and or surrounded by a door way. Implying that...
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    Re: Illusion of Meditation

    Bill Joshin,
    Advice on being wary of the buckets of systems,
    reminds one of the importance of flying high

    Bill's structural concept of self to environment appears to lack a depth of...
  16. Re: * Scary*...Ebola Virus Could Spread Worldwide, Experts Warn // War , Famine, Drought ..Is the stage being set ?

    The most profitable pathogens are the ones that feed onthier hosts for the longest. Thus ebola is not that successful however our reaction of fear could feed the greater pathogens, one being the...
  17. Re: Have you ever experienced or noticed this phenomenon?

    being with the flux of weather you feel your influence. fun to hold off precipitation
    It is quite an observable phenonema when you spent time on retreats. When pressure is applied onto opening egos...
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    Re: The Best Foods Ever

    Indian train food
  19. Re: What have we become? My ability to cope has forsaken me.

    "as-salamu alaykum"
    (peace be upon you)
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    Re: Theory on Reptilian Extraterrestrials

    Have much time of late desolving Reptilian Extraterrestrials into Reptilian Interterrestials.
    The subtley of the serpent self.
    how I's contolling desires feed it.
    of all the tools to lessen...
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