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  1. Greg McCoach interview with The Gold Report

    Here's a couple of quotes:

    "TGR: I've read that even if only 4% of the derivatives held by the banks are at risk, and only 10% of that goes south, it would completely wipe out the net worth of the...
  2. Re: Exceptional psychic abilities in exceptional people

    Robert Monroe (pictured below) is certainly someone who I would describe as an exceptional person with exceptional abilities.


    Here’s a very thought provoking passage from his final book...
  3. Re: All Wars Are Bankers' Wars (excellent Feb 2013 article by Michael Rivero)

    Brilliant history perspective. At least we now understand why JFK was assassinated.
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    Re: Investing in Gold

    Ammit, GBP is strong against USD right now. Maybe consider selling Pounds for Dollars and investing in gold (or other precious metals) with Dollars.

    But DYOR.
  5. Re: Explosive New Evidence. 911, Experts Speak Out

    The pursuit and achievement of Critical Mass.
  6. Re: Explosive New Evidence. 911, Experts Speak Out

    I'd like to bump this thread and keep this excellent presentation in full view.

    Here's the full length video of 'Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out', produced by Architects & Engineers for...
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    Re: CGI in footage of 9/11 plane film?

    Three more views of the second aircraft hitting the WTC.
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    Re: a short montage...

    Cool :clap2:
  9. Re: Stunning video of T3B Triangle shot from airplane.

    Link to debunking info:

    The other clue was the 'testimony' of the original poster. Pilots will never leave the...
  10. Re: Stunning video of T3B Triangle shot from airplane.

    Sorry to disappoint you's not a UFO or a TR3B. The video is already debunked. It's the Revel Casino in Atlantic City and the aircraft is flying over low cloud.

  11. Re: 3 UFOs Filmed Wittenberge Germany 18 September 2013

    Looks like an amateurish fake to me. Sorry.:no:
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    Re: CGI in footage of 9/11 plane film?

    I think this video is genuine.

    1. The aircraft is seen smashing through the glass facade of the building and the subsequent explosion comes out the other side. The aircraft disintegrated inside...
  13. Re: Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect

    Actually Paul, I bet you'd love it here.

    You can see from my IP address that I'm in the centre of Saigon.

    I've lived in here for 6 happy years and counting. Delightful people, beautiful...
  14. Re: Describe "Utopia." YOUR own vision, your own version of utopia

    An energy system in which every being is free to create their own reality. An energy system that operates under one simple law of 'like attracts like'. An energy system that responds to focussed...
  15. Re: Anticipating Emerging WMD and Global Financial Threats (timeline 2013 - 2046)

    Hi Todd,

    I'm following your analysis with much interest.

    You've mentioned on several occasions that you believe the SE Asian markets will be one of the first dominos to fall. Could you please...
  16. Re: Boeing 777 has crash landed at San Francisco airport

    Some reporters need to check their sources. Oops...
  17. Re: Citizen Hearing On Disclosure 4/29 to 5/3 2013 Wash DC

    Great stuff. I hope this hearing gets some serious media attention.
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    Maybe the US Star Fleet could lend a few of its engineers to Boeing to fix the 787 battery problems.
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    Re: The next few years in our solar system.

    I watch SO's 3 Min News channel on YouTube everyday. This guy is very good. Here's the link:
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    Re: Carlos Diaz UFO case

    Hi mojo.

    In my view, this was one of your most intriguing video captures ever. Any ideas about the images on what appear to be something like TV screens?

    Maybe they're watching their favourite...
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