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    Re: Felo-de-se

    Paula, 'My Heart Bleeds For You'.
    Talking about Suicide is a 'Taboo Subject'.
    I have never talked about this before. I will keep this 'brief' as it is a very 'difficult' subject for me to talk...
  2. Re: Is San Fran Asiana Flight 214 Another MSM Hoax?

    The post by indigopete (Post #61) was 'spot on' IMO.
    We should wait for the NTSB accident report before 'passing judgement' or coming to 'conspiracy' conclusions.
    Anyone who views 'Mayday' (a.k.a...
  3. Re: Steven Greer's core team has apparently left him (long report by Alfred Webre)

    Hi Bill,
    I have tried to read all the posts on this Thread.
    Maybe I have missed something along the way.
    But what is 'Your Opinion/Assessment' of Steven Greer??
  4. Re: NEXUS Magazine Conference (Australia) 2013

    Thank You, MATE.
    I thought that writing out Notes for the Conference was going to be 'Relatively Easy'.
    Now that I have got into the 'Nitty Gritty', It's not 'So Simple'.
    Apart from my having to...
  5. Re: NEXUS Magazine Conference (Australia) 2013

    Man!! What a Job trying to 'De-cipher' My 'Shorthand' Notes that I took at the Conference.
    It has taken me 'ages' to try and 'figure out' the following 'abbreviations' that I have use in my Notes:...
  6. Re: NEXUS Magazine Conference (Australia) 2013

    Hi People.
    Just got back from the NEXUS 2013 Conference.
    I took 'copious' Notes about all the Presentations.
    I now will try to produce a Word Document summarizing what was presented by the...
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    Re: Solar R(E)volution

    I'm going to the NEXUS Magazine Conference next month (June) down here in Australia.
    Dr. Dieter Broers is presenting the 'Full Version' of this Film.
    I'm looking forward to seeing this.
    Love, HS
  8. Re: NEXUS Magazine Conference (Australia) 2013

    I will do what I can.
    I am not a 'qualified reporter', but in my 'Previous Life' as an IT Manager, I used to have to produce Reports, Systems Proposals, Cost Benefits Analysis, Minutes of...
  9. Re: NEXUS Magazine Conference (Australia) 2013

    Unfortunately, No Cameras Allowed.
    They get the Conference 'Professionally' recorded.
    A few months after the Conference, the DVDs are available for AU$35 per Speaker or AU$350 for the whole...
  10. NEXUS Magazine Conference (Australia) 2013

    See This:
    Last Chance for this Conference down here in Australia.
    I will be there (wherever you like it or not).
    Love, HS
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    Re: The DOOM Agenda

    It's all a matter of CONTROL and DISTRACTION.
    There are 2 ways (probably more) of doing this.
    1. The 'Credit Card'.
    The 'best invention' of all time by the PTB.
    Keep people in debt, so...
  12. Re: Nexus Conference 2013, Sunshine Coast

    Usually it ends up on DVD at AU$35 per presentation or AU$350 for the whole Conference.
    Very hard to 'Live Stream'. It is over 3 Days with breaks in-between for Lunch.
    Plus, I suppose, the time...
  13. Re: Nexus Conference 2013, Sunshine Coast

    I am going to this.
    I went to the last conference in 2011. The 2012 conference was cancelled due to Duncan Roads (editor of 'Nexus Magazine') contracting Pneumonia.
    It's wonderful. I stayed at the...
  14. Re: What Class are You ?........BBC..The Great British class calculator....& similar economies

    This is embarrassing!!
    I am just an 'Aussie Convict' and, after taking the test, I was classified as 'ELITE'!!!
    How is that possible??
    "Stuffed if I know"!!
    Love, HS
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    Re: Especially for women...

    What we have here, unfortunately, is the Prime Example of
    "Man's/Women's Inhumanity to Man/Women".
    It really 'makes me sick'.
    With Love To All, HS
  16. Re: From my heart to yours, a request to help a member given 6 months to live..

    Dear Bright Garlick,
    I belong to 'Another Forum' as well as Avalon.
    The 'link' to this 'Thread' has been posted there.
    I'm sure that I am speaking from us 'Over There' when I say, that our 'Hearts...
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    Re: Especially for women...

    OK, for you Girls.
    I'm sure you are all sick of hearing 'Blonde Jokes' ....etc from us 'supposedly humorous Guys'.
    So here is a Joke for you Girls to 'get back' at us Guys:

    Question: "What do...
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    Re: Especially for women...

    As a 'bloke' I am totally 'embarrassed' and 'hang my head in shame'.
    I am 'so sorry'. Maybe in your part of the World, Men treat you like that.
    They obviously have a problem with the 'size of their...
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    Re: Especially for women...

    Hi Girls.
    I'm a Guy (well I was the last time I looked!).
    Reading through the Articles and Posts on this thread, I suddenly got a 'Bingo' Moment.
    I remember hearing/reading about, many years ago,...
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    Re: 2012 Update from Australia.

    It is the 22nd here 'down under'.
    Funny, I am sitting here, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and the temperature is a mild 30C (86F).
    If this is 'the end of the world', then I am looking...
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