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    Re: Kula's Pledge thread...

    Hey there Rhythm... NICE pic... don't care that it's not you... THANKS for posting anyway...


    I pledged to bring up my crap from the basement and I did it today! Also pledged to sweep the...
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    Re: Kula's Pledge thread...

    Fabulous thread. I sometimes feel it takes a crowbar and nerves of an equally strong substance to pry my beloved from the nets. HA! the NET!!! Haaaahaaaa... how ironic.

    I pledge to finally...
  3. Re: Bill's movements, and contributions to the forum

    Welcome to the States! Don't drink the water!

    We'll be here when you're ready to come home.


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    Re: The really really good news thread!!

    Could not get it to embed.

    If you've got a little time and a good cuppa something hot, take a break...
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    Re: Xylitol and our pets

    Tossing the Crest out the window now... or might it clean rust off a bumper like Coke?

    Please let me know, Serenity, if she gets better. My girl cat also loves licking water from the sink (she...
  6. Re: Tania from the Avalon Forum interviews Bill Ryan about the alternative media

    Loved the interview. What nice voices they both have. You can tell a lot about how a person's voice makes you feel.

    Maybe this duo will give us a few more interviews in the future??

    Well done,...
  7. Thread: Silly string

    by CuppaJoe

    Re: Silly string

    What's here is not.

    For when it all gets too hot to handle.
  8. Re: Organizing ideas, fixed ideas, intellectual honesty, and how the mind really work

    Blue. Your head is spinning. Smoke is coming out of your ears.

    Just stop for a second. Breathe.

    Okay. I get the feeling you are in the stage when everything seems very big.
    You realize how...
  9. Thread: Opium Wars

    by CuppaJoe

    Re: Opium Wars

    Drugs are a problem in the first place because people don't know when to say "When"!

    Psychedelics have been used since WAY long ago (an approximation) for aid in self-discovery and contacting the...
  10. Re: Fluoride - a conversation with an insider who knows the real story

    You don't think so? In the particular part of the States where I live, there's a HUGE alternative schooling community. But I do think our area is unique in a lot of ways.

    I went through the...
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    Re: Top 5 Books that have Impacted you the most

    Excellent thread, Bill. I love talking about good books.

    1. The Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce

    For the question I had a long time... "Where did we go wrong?" In utero, it turns out....
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    Re: The Best of Project Camelot

    You sure are a beautiful thing, Bill Ryan

  13. Re: CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD : what's really happening in the Niger Delta

    Excellent interview.
    It's about time to shift the thought habits from "them" to "us".
    This is not happening to "them over there".
    It's happening to US, wherever we are.

    Well spoken, you can...
  14. Re: Competing Currency Being Accepted in Parts of the U.S.

    There was something like this... called the Liberty Dollar. It was accepted in the town I live in.

    Actual coins with actual precious metal in them and paper notes representing actual precious...
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    Re: 3-year-old reads, gives medical advice

    This is not as unusual as many of you think. There is man, Joseph Chilton Pearce, who explains clearly and shockingly the real state into which we are all born. ... And where, for most people, it...
  16. Re: I see YouTube is making a new morphic shift.......

    I don't think it does matter. If the higher-ups so wanted to, I think they have the technology to look at our faces through these very computers from where they sit high up in that ivory tower. The...
  17. Re: * * * Safely Avoid and Remove Dangerous Man-Made Fluoride * * *

    Thank you for this thread, Tango. I hear from friends what a fantastically cool dude you are. Appreciate ya very much.

    Rock on.
  18. Thread: Jim Humble

    by CuppaJoe

    Re: Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), Jim Humble

    That right there is enough incentive for me.

    How does one living in the US go about getting some?
  19. Re: Fluoride - a conversation with an insider who knows the real story

    I am 24 years old, living in the good ole US of A. I can clearly remember dental hygiene instruction starting from first grade on. We were told how good and necessary fluoride is, how it prevents...
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