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  1. so we won the second world war..........didn't we?

    I would like to put this article out there, hope you find it useful I'm sure you will let me know in no uncertain terms.
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    Isis portal activation

    We hope you will resonate with what we are doing during this time and that you will join us in our intent.
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    it's show time!
  4. Re: Giant Squid found coast of California.. real or not?

    LOL no way is that real. notice how in focus the entire animal is and the lack of definition of all the people around. definitely fake. sorry!
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    Re: Starting Meditation

    Hi Pie
    Thank you for starting this, I am ready to start listening, please accept me as a willing student to explore this and accept your guidance.

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    Re: NO MORE WAR Pump the Grid

    Thank you all for taking the time to add your comments to this thread.

    Over the past 3 weeks I have found myself passing the odd war memorial and two things jump out at me each time; firstly the...
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    NO MORE WAR Pump the Grid

    Hi Everyone

    It's been a long while since I felt compelled to share some thoughts, I hope it connects with you all and that you consider joining in with this intent. Especially with REMBERENCE DAY...
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    Re: Explosive New Evidence. 911, Experts Speak Out

    Bump away my friend, bump away!

    Lest we forget!

    This has to break through to mass conciousness,

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    Re: Space is clean all over Reptilians down

    It either resonates or it doesn't. we each are entitled to experience the ascension of our choosing.

    Has anyone noticed a change in the weather, the skies seem different to me, peaceful, even the...
  10. Re: Google Maps 666 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, United States = Finish Line Marathon.

    visited the google site...
  11. Re: Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin...

    what do the scars look like?
  12. Thread: The Sacred Circle

    by Pete

    Re: The Sacred Circle

    Hey we should all see ourselves as children once again. pure of heart, innocent and with total belief in our right to expect a bright joyful future for us all.
  13. Thread: The Sacred Circle

    by Pete

    Re: The Sacred Circle

    beam me up scotty! I am so in.
  14. Re: Massive Bank and High Profile Resignations Across the World

    I have just come across this on American Kabuki and it did resonate most strongly with me. I apologise, if you have already seen this or feel that it is not relevant to this thread, I just felt...
  15. Re: Massive Bank and High Profile Resignations Across the World

    That's strange, because I don't get the same feeling at all. Even if this is more deception it's the way to go.

    With love and with inner knowing that the truth is manifesting itself. just remember...
  16. Re: Mainstream Media Ignore The Bilderberg Group...why?

    Maybe we should organise a group envisionment. all of us with the intent that these guys stop their plotting and spend more time thinking how they can spend more time with their families!
  17. Re: Massive Bank and High Profile Resignations Across the World

    It seems to me that we have a situation where differing paradigms are beginning to close in upon each other. I have not been following this story very closely recently and it has allowed me to see...
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    Re: Dynamo Magician Impossible

    there is definitely illusion and there is a belief in magic, my heart tells me that this is magic.and its real.
  19. Re: The Great Cycle and Cosmic Events 2012 by Pane Andov

    The way I understand all this is from the point of view what we have already survived. Think about it, we have survived numerous attempts to pitch us into doomsday scenarios. It hasn't happened. Why...
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    Re: Irish People suing the banks !

    sounds like a very good idea to me. It would be interesting whether Ireland has a similar situation with admiralty and common law?
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