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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    I ended up having some very strong and seriously inappropriate feelings for Dave Navarro (The head judge of Ink Master / former member of RHCP), and figured was probably a "clue", so I started...
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    Re: All about baking soda

    I'm chuckling because you imply there's a chance it might NOT be baking soda

    Of course it's baking soda!!!

    I agree with EFO that you should probably toss it though (edit: even if it IS baking...
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    Sticky: Re: COVID-19 Contrarians

    I'm getting mad too, but it's not the sheeple that are making me mad - it's the "fear factor"
    The more people get afraid.... the more pissed off I am getting (that's what it seems like anyway)
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    Re: Who knew about Covid-19 in advance?

    Tom Montalk knew, he explains his reasoning here on Paste Bin (which is linked from his Twitter)
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    Re: Voice-to-Skull Via Lasers

    Thanks Molly for the detailed response! "war crime" really stands out.
    I've just started to read "The Wanderer's Handbook" by Carla Rueckert and only 4 pages into the Foreword she's explaining how...
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    Violent Dream

    Last night I dreamed I was held captive along with a bunch of others, and there was an underlying feeling that no one expected me to try and escape.

    One day, I was doing the ironing, and I had...
  7. Re: Emerging evidence humans are biological robots (xenobots)

    Pretty sure I already discovered this about myself, though a small chance does exist that I could be wrong... :)

    My thoughts talk to me sometimes, but what's even weirder is when they talk to each...
  8. Re: A prayer against witchcraft, demons, spells, curses, voodoo.....

    Praying doesn't have to be like begging or conceding. Sometimes it can just be like having a conversation with God. Maybe this'll help... (pic attached)
  9. Re: Kobe Bryant: Basketball legend dies in helicopter crash

    I don't know about other coincidences and timing, but for me it stands out because of the helicopter!
    I have helicopter phobia, and pretty sure I'm not the only one.

    As for being planned and well...
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    Re: What does it mean to be Human?

    The idea of being that powerful frightens me, and I think it's because I can't fully control my own thoughts. It's like a Catch 22... afraid of myself.

    'Being Human' for me, means learning to...
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    Re: Remarkable Dream on Timelines

    "There should not be so many timelines... All of these things are confusion" ;-)

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

    I tried to write a poem about time once, and a (voice?) that sounded like my own...
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    Re: Boss, Chief, Buddy, Etc.

    I think it's mostly unintentional when it comes to kids - a kind of conditioned behavior. For example if a child has seen this tactic work, they'll try it again. They don't realize it's manipulative...
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    Re: Boss, Chief, Buddy, Etc.

    Hi Mike,
    I've been enjoying this thread a lot, and maybe part of that is because I'm little.

    It's definitely weird that people have been calling you little when you're not! Perhaps that's a...
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    I almost missed Point #10!

    This image reminds me of "Threatening the Evil" (and why not to)
    I mean, seems like it might work in theory... but really not very wise.
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    This is an awfully difficult download! UPDATE: Got it, nevermind!!!

    Very very... VERY :)
    Thanks for posting aniN, I never would have found this book on my own.

    Additionally if anyone...
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    THANKS BILL! I'll be back soon to try and print off the manual !!!
    Many blessings,
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    Cannabinoid Receptors

    People all have 'cannabinoid receptors', and judging by name alone, sounds to me like those are intended to be receptive to cannabis. Not trying to condone cannabis use - I just find it telling that...
  18. Re: Sexual relationships with beings from other dimensions

    No, it is not.
    Probably should be though. Wonder how many people landed on this page and were disappointed by the lack of pornography :P
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    Well that's a bit screwed up isn't it, person agrees Mr. Goode is a threat, yet still manages to fly off the handle and get banned...

    The 'I dare you' really stands out. Those are words that nice...
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    Re: Marijuana - a most complicated matter

    Thank you for this thread - I have no doubt you are correct.

    I've smoked marijuana for about 20 years, and for most of those years had 0 concerns about it. I'm also a Christian who has always...
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