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  1. Re: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

    Baba Vanga was a renowned Bulgarian mystic who died about 20 years ago. She was very sought after at the time by many country presidents especially of the Eastern Block.
    She had some interesting...
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    Re: George HW Bush has died: December 1st, 2018

    Another reptilian gone.... a couple of thousand more to go. Hopefully this will happen soon and without any more suffering and collateral victims.
    May he never RIP
  3. Re: UV light at dangerous levels causing serious sunburn

    Hi Bill, you just have to be careful with those sunblock creams you are using. Most of them are doing more damage than good, up to cancers. I have been successfully trying shea butter and argan oil...
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    Re: Reintroduction/Gratitude

    Glad you ended up finding us again. The strength of this community lies also in its size.
  5. Re: 'Maybe' our one chance to save America, and the world.

    Can anyone knowledgeable about the issue please answer the question whether foreigners can sign in general petitions addressed to the White House. Although I already signed Mike Adams petition about...
  6. Re: Seriously - Edmonton police issue $465 ticket for cracked driver's licence

    If this is how a driver's life looks like nowadays in Canada then I am happy I left for Europe 16 years ago. I am simply speechless. This is but another hidden tax and does not suit the average...
  7. Re: UK's Trident missile launch failure cover-up

    Such a waste on both sides of the battle front to have this huge technological prowess in the service of evil.... One is left speechless by what could be achieved if this money was to be spent for...
  8. Re: "Eat more MEAT" - but it is "meat" from PLANTS, not animals

    Me and my wife are both decade-long vegetarians (we also rarely eat dairy products and eggs) and we don't have any meat cravings. Our plant-based cuisine is so rich and tastes so good we don't miss...
  9. Re: Why: 1) 102 members vs 1,584 guests online; 2) 1,115 active vs 10,390 total members this morning at PA?

    Is that something actually denied to some members?[/QUOTE]

    This is new to me too. How do we "qualify" to be able to start new threads? Mods...? Thanks.
  10. Re: Why: 1) 102 members vs 1,584 guests online; 2) 1,115 active vs 10,390 total members this morning at PA?


    I am not very active here although I drop by several times per day. Project Avalon is one of my 4-5 preferred websites I browse daily. Sometimes I find many interesting subjects sometimes none...
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    Re: A little help for a young friend of mine.

    As Fairy Friend has asked already, what are the circumstances of his liver/kidney failures? What exactly are the diagnostics of the doctors? Are there any lab results available? Have any alternative...
  12. Re: Commercial (condemning bankers) banned in Switzerland (See why in Post #15)

    What does this short documentary have to do with the more serious matter of the banned commercial?
    I am sorry Snoweagle but I personally find that this is not the right place and time for your...
  13. Re: What Ukraine's former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko thinks about Russians!

    Tymoshenko is slowly but surely revealing her true colors. Last time her fellow Khazar Jews were in power in the Soviet Union more than a half a century ago, millions got butchered in the most...
  14. Re: Help with alternative treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma

    Thanks so much for taking your time to help a soul.
    Love, Cristian
  15. Re: Help with alternative treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma

    Apart from the therapies already mentioned above does any of you have information on the effects of the following methods on this type of cancer:

    - Rife/Dr. Hulda Clark Generator + associated...
  16. Re: Help with alternative treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma

    I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease Stage 2 in 1994.
    What was her true diagnoses again..[/QUOTE]

    I undestand she was discovered with Stage 4 already 5 years ago. Stage 4 is the most serious on...
  17. Help with alternative treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma

    Dear friends,

    A 50-year-old female friend has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma about 5 years ago. Since then she subjected herself to pretty much all the traditional torture treatments i.e....
  18. Important update from Cobra - Portal 2012, the Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

    The latest update from Cobra and the Resistance Movement (RM) is below. Big progress has been made in removing the Archons from our Planet.

    Sunday, January 12,...
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    Re: BBC shows HAARP on star gazing live

    Unfortunately your doubts were founded. It is can be viewed only by UK IP addresses:

    "Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio...
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    Re: Purified Bottled Water

    I would be interested to have a source reference to such a claim ... do you have any?

    It is so confusing because I recently saw a video where they claimed distilled water is good for you. It can...
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