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    Re: Music to open your soul

    This sort of music opens my soul.

    Often the chanting of Tibetan monks can be dispassionate and far removed from western taste when it comes to music. With Deva Premal's collaboration I have found...
  2. Re: H.R.2262 U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act

    I rescind any claim that the United States Senate or any other regulatory body either on or off earth make with regards to owning or using any solar system based territory or resource.
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    Re: Don't Date An Abductee

    I'm an abductee and I'm proud of it! Now that could be a good motto for a bumper sticker!

    My abductee years stretched from the onset of puberty to around fifteen years ago. I met and interacted...
  4. Poll: Re: If ETs showed up at your door today, are you ready to leave?

    Many times I have called out for someone, anyone, to come and take me away. But the fact is, that I came here not for my own learning, but to be here to assist those around me as we go through The...
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    Re: Insider claims to meet with Blue Avian Humanoids on Giant Sphere

    I am humbled by what I do not know.

    Do I, in my limited understanding, have the ability to comprehend the technical capabilities of all beings in the universe?
  6. Re: Update from David Wilcock 2015-02-07: Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT!

    OK, back to some of the information as offered.

    I have never heard, anywhere, of claims of a giant's glass chair (Amongst other things) spinning through space in the B ring of Saturn. Anybody?
  7. Re: Update from David Wilcock 2015-02-07: Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT!

    TexasgoodETexSG mentioned that David was well looked upon by the establishment, and did, indeed, have ongoing contact with numerous insiders.

    I'm over two hours in and some stunning stuff is...
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    Re: A Miracle is an Understatement

    I was once one of those people, RunningDeer. Controlled, kept, disillusioned, depressed. Then, at age 25, when the lights did go on, I was constantly ruing the fact. I would question 'Why me? Why...
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    Re: A Miracle is an Understatement

    You get what you hold in mind. So for you Rozzy, trouble ahead. For TelosianEmbrace? Nothing but miracles, joy, and appreciation for all things.[/QUOTE]
    That brought a laugh Conk. While I can...
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    A Miracle is an Understatement

    Do you ever have those moments?

    I was driving home from boxercise with my niece tonight, and I pulled up at a carpark overlooking the bay. A front was rolling in, and the turbulent clouds were...
  11. Re: Valiant Thor ("Stranger at the Pentagon")

    I often attempt to see any similarity in features between Jill and Omnec Onec, and between Donn, Val, and Nikola Tesla. This seems to give us a base data line for the appearance of Venusians in...
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    Mon choix. J'adore Camille pour sa créativité.

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    Spotlight on Elfwood

    There is a website, nestled within a darkened and overlooked corner of the internet, that is home to brilliant young artists (And some not so young). What is the difference between the artistic...
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    Re: Communicating with your soul family

    Just recently I have been having daytime visions of members of a tall, white skinned humanoid race. While watching 'The Hobbit III' I saw one looking out from the screen at me, and smiling a loving...
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    Re: The Carter Crest

    Two of the panels I'm assuming are fluers-de-lis, 16 in each panel. I don't know how old the Coat of Arms is. I am assuming that the helmet, for example, is simply decorative and that there was...
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    Re: The Carter Crest

    Thanks, Azt! And there I was thinking that all it meant was 'Listen'! The interpretations you have found are far more descriptive!
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    The Carter Crest

    My paternal ancestors were upper middle class. Henry Carter and his family lived in Carlton House Terrace in Central London and had a holiday house, The Lake Country House, LLangammarch Wells....
  18. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    ....and while the thread's a bit quiet, I'd like to make a statement.

    I DO NOT agree with the Babylonian Money Magic System. I do not acquiesce, through ignorance, wilful or otherwise, to having...
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    A Big Thank You!

    A big thank you to Bill Ryan and the team of moderators!!!

    I was reading through the latest Project Avalon Newsletter and it really brought it home to me how much effort is put in behind the...
  20. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    Even though the question is not addressed at myself, I would like to share that Arthur "Henry Deacon" Neumann and George Green have both already alluded to this transportation system. Apparently...
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