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  1. Re: [Likely Hoax] Agent commits suicide and reveals government plans...

    Fear did not enter as I read the information. I did send it on to a few friends and suggested we vision something better - a victory of truth triumphant. A clearing of nonintegrous people from...
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    Re: Downsizing shelter and expenses

    I'm learning. It feels great!

    Live in the woods with nature.

  3. Re: A strange UFO dream... this has never happened to me before

    I wonder...

    Will the fright turn into excite?!?

    I feel both.
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    Re: Everybody here pray right now..

    Wow! Anchor, that's awesome! It reminds of a poem I wrote and you get the gist /gift of true prophecy.

    East Sun, you speak of empowerment. I'm right there with you.

    Keep being the Light,...
  5. Re: The Most Miraculous Blessing...or Monumental Curse! What would you do!?

    I already worked this out earlier before I saw this post.

    I live a simple life, and that will not change. I have a sharing system in mind...

    I'll share with innovative people and projects. ...
  6. Re: Is anyone else upset that the ET/Alien presence/obsession is giving us a false sense of hope?

    Maybe the incarnated "aliens" in human bodies are coordinating with off-worlders as they re-open and use telepathic abilities. Maybe there is a divine plan and it is unfolding stealthily and...
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    Re: A Point of View

    That's not true for everyone. Some listen intently to their conscience.

    More and more will be more finely attuned during this time of rapid evolution.

    The light of truth within is a true "life...
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    Re: Why I am Rogue Part 1

    Your life has great purpose.

    You are a strong, adept soul.

    Thank you for your courage. Sending lots of love...
  9. Re: Interesting times ahead. Events of the last 16 days.

    Wow! Awesome good news.

    I love #2!!!

    Good work, everyone.

    Thank you for this thread.

    Love and high vibes for all,
  10. Re: Russian Scientists Announce Historic Discovery

    Take the media back!

    Any news, plans, or information surfacing on this yet?

    It's bound to happen.

    It's one of the most used tools for perception deception. (And hiding truth by using...
  11. Re: Push to Put an End on UN/NWO. Ban Ki Moon Foolishness

    That's what I call good news! The truth is known and the U.N. will dissolve solve as well as their non-humanitarian plans.

    Goodbye! U.N.

    Hello! Health and freedom! Welcome New World paradigm....
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    Re: There is One Family

    Thank you, Callista, Sister!!

    Reminding us that we are all family United around our allegiance to Great Spirit warms my heart and gives me strength.

    Sending love to all brothers and...
  13. Re: Corbett report: Chemtrails Exposed - The Past, Present and Future of the New Manhattan Project

    I'm going to try to share some white trails in the sky from southern Oregon here. Let's see if I can do it...

    It worked!

    These are all recent.

    Southern Oregon Blue...
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    Re: The Big Delusion

    I have/am experiencing personal transformation so I don't think its a rumor or delusion. From transforming from outside-in to inside-out living I feel more empowered and not a victim. The process...
  15. Re: Blowing the whistle on recovery forums, self styled 'counsellors'

    There has been much inculcation called training in the professional fields. I'm aware through direct experience.

    Each can master their own awareness. And we do.

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    Re: Exit America

    Matrix Massexit!

    FREEDOM from all oppression of Spirit.

    That's my vote and I'm sticking to it!

    :heart: MM
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    Re: I am everyone...and everyone is me

    Unconditional love for everyone.

    We're growing into that. This thread helps promote our evolution.

    Thank you!
  18. Re: Blowing the whistle on recovery forums, self styled 'counsellors'

    Discernment of truth is the key.

    Credentials do not convey whether someone is speaking truth/wisdom or not.

    I have no direct experience of "abuse" or any unkindness. It seems our evolution has...
  19. Re: Ice Age Now: FEMA/ NWO Think Tanks Ready for Global Food Shortages: Timeline, and Which Countries

    Interesting how this is put out by FEMA and "world government". Predicting or creating?

    Hunger Games? I did not see it, just aware of how media is used.

    Vision the highest.

    IP laws? The...
  20. Re: Karen Hudes update 14 June 2016: Global currency reset is coming

    Really appreciate the synopsis!

    Thanks a bunch,
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