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  1. Re: Siege at the Bundy Ranch ... Armed invasion of American land ... by the US Federal Government.

    thing is with the elites.....

    they have weaknesses. not necessarily ones which can be exploited, but there nonetheless.
    most of them have inherited their wealth, but the canny mind which acquired...
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    Re: Galactic federation of stellar nations a lie?

    stop buying into this c**p people.

    i cant believe that to this day there are still some desperatly clinging onto the idea of ascention, and galactic federations,
    and will clutch at any possible...
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    Re: David Icke responds to Sonia Poulton

    i'm not disagreeing with you where paying for professionals is concerned.
    my beef is that its not TPV paying for them.... its the people who donate, who are paying for them.
    and you say i'm...
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    Re: David Icke responds to Sonia Poulton

    i appreciate what your saying... in relation to a normal business, but TPV isnt a normal business is it?
    when they say..'we need money to stay on the air', i think most people think of that as...
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    Re: David Icke responds to Sonia Poulton

    hold a sec...

    these figures dont make sense.

    obviously leaving aside the cost of equipment......

    how is it, that the rent is only £1200, and the food £589, and the gas and electric £1400,...
  6. Re: Please help keep David Icke and the peoples Voice on the air! It will be gone forever in a month.

    dont get me wrong, i like david icke. he woke me up to whats happening in the world, but i never really erm... connected with the peoples voice.

    i had no interest at all in the presenters. ask...
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    Re: ***Occupy Washington DC***

    2 questions

    'Concurrent with that could be actions of talented people who are deeply familiar with the banking industry -- not compromised ones, like Karen Hudes --'

    are you saying that...
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    Re: Why can't I see my old dog?

    sorry for your loss.

    see, my soul is eternal..... and androgynous...
    it just happens that this time round, i'm a bloke.

    as an aside, imagine being born with the potential for a nice set of...
  9. Re: Karen Hudes has just joined the Avalon Forum -- please welcome her here

    Hi karen, welcome and all that stuff!

    i just saw the title 'World Bank a security risk to the world order?'

    and an alarm bell started ringing.

    firstly, do you think we have a world order...
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    Re: Russell Brand Article, The Guardian

    i was thinking the same thing when i saw this


    EDIT shoulda read the opening post first

    Well you know how it is, you read the replies first to gauge the quality of the thread...
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    i'm a little bit suprised by this article....

    my first thought was... why are veterans today talking like the galactic federation?

    its worth clicking on the link to see the whole thing...
  12. Re: David Wilcock update: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

    okay.... i acknowledge all points which have been made.
  13. Re: David Wilcock update: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

    Hes still growing like the rest of us. I hope that this view doesn't effect the great work that hes brought forward in the past. I've seen and read some excellent pieces of information that I may...
  14. Re: David Wilcock update: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

    as above...

    as soon as i read the words synchronisity key, i thought it was the title of a book he was promoting, and sure enough.....

    i dont usually insult people outright, but wilcock is an...
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    Re: Need help- what do I do?

    erm... have you thought about faking your own death?

    on a more serious note, if someone has fallen over, you help them up.
    on the understanding that once they are back on their feet,
    they can...
  16. Re: TOR (onion router for secure network access) compromised

    well thats effin marvelous!, ive recently started using tor.

    its not that i care whether they are watching me...,

    its more to bypass my ISP blocking me from visiting torrent sites,
    and to...
  17. Re: New Project Camelot interview: WORLD BANK WHISTLEBLOWER KAREN HUDES

    well it certainly sounds promising!.

    a few things i'd like to know are as kerry said, some people need to be arrested and put on trial.
    i think at this stage merely letting them choose to do the...
  18. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    its funny how things work sometimes.

    ive said previously that i dont believe jesus to have been a real man.

    but this thread has caused me to look a bit deeper into things.

    specifically, the...
  19. Re: Eve players stage giant online space battle // At its peak the battle involved 4,070 pilots and their ships

    EVE is exactly the kinda game i love...

    i downloaded it too,

    but i never played it. it would take up too much of my time! (i played star wars galaxies solid for months, i know the pattern)
  20. Thread: shingles

    by SKAWF

    Re: shingles

    yesh... i too am shingle

    i'm into fat birdsh

    sho if you're inteshish

    shend me a messhish

    (sorry Mojo, you have my sympathies, and i have a warped shensh of humour!)
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