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    Re: At the Vatican, Up Against the World

    Gripreaper will render a worldwide wake up call to help humanity understand the destruction that the Vatican and the psychopathic alien interlopers are rendering to the environment and the indigenous...
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    Re: Do you think Hell really exists?

    IMO....No it doesn't. However you can create a Hell scenario if you choose that path In the way you live your life. Hell on Earth, if you so desire. And the same goes with Heaven or Haven, if you...
  3. Re: Simon Parkes The Alien Agenda August 2015

    and the bump...
  4. Re: Simon Parkes The Alien Agenda August 2015

    Gonna get the popcorn ready for this one later tonite. Sounds interesting. Thanks to you gio for the thread, and onawah for the summary.
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    Re: Talking about the reptilians

    Great Thread. With reference to the breathe. I usually breathe this in. It works well for me. It's all about the breathe. Enjoy.
    Timeline 1, we must. :sun:
  6. Re: Piggyback False Flag? Today's VA Shooter Blamed Charleston Shooting?

    If I may. "It's all about the guns bout the guns". In my intuition, I was indeed sensitive to a false flag event here. Just another nail in the coffin to try and disarm one of our constitutional...
  7. Re: [HOAX] 5000 Year Old Vimana In Afghanistan, The Marine Disappearances

    Thanks Bill.
    We can kill the thread, mods if you will.
  8. [HOAX] 5000 Year Old Vimana In Afghanistan, The Marine Disappearances

    Just found this, not sure if it was posted yet. Looks interesting to say the least. Two videos are included here. One video is an interview with George Noory and Steven Quayle on the topic and the...
  9. Re: Are UFO's Intervening On Planet Earth By Shutting Down Nuclear Facilities?
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    Re: Bottled and tap water PH (experimental)

    Thanks,,,, I'd like to see what the fluoride ratio is in bottled water (if so) compared to tap water. I wonder if there is a study on that.
  11. Re: Medical industry corruption more dangerous than all wars combined

    Yes I also believe that science has turned to darkness. Especially with regards to medicine. Someday hopefully through consciousness, people will grasp this and become a hive mind like the rest of...
  12. Re: 15 August - What is happening? What can we do?

    Beautiful Limor, :bigsmile: Asquali my Kola.
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    Re: One Ring to rule them all....

    Wow, such a nice compilation of videos here. I so wish i had the time to watch them all. Especially the way in which my time clock is ticking off the charts these days of late. Time truly sucks, much...
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    Re: The Last Avatar

    Awesome, looks like a great movie. Wanishee for sharing. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Ashley Madison

    Mother Nature and I are in full support of growth.

    My focus is on whole body rather than attention to an individual chakra. As I understand it, the astrals treat some of them as an...
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    Re: Ashley Madison

    Wow, and i had never heard of this site. :blushing:
  17. Re: Are Remote Viewing tools in everyone's kit?

    If i may, here's a full interview on the topic of The phoenix lights by The Farsight Inst. with Courtney Brown. A Good listen IMO.
  18. Re: Keshe Foundation Says it Has The Energy Answer

    Ordering page. If it doesn't work out for you and you use a credit card i'm sure you will be covered.
  19. Re: 15 August - What is happening? What can we do?

    On this August 15th. A Blessing (Prayer/Intention) For Gaia (Mother Earth) and To my friends Of Avalon.


    <~~We are all 1 tribe~~>
  20. Re: RT News: Aliens prevented nuclear war on Earth

    A lot of stuff here on my thread I posted in 2011 with the topic of yours....
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