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  1. Re: ♫ Thread for the Trance/Techno/etc umbrella of music ♫

    Oldies, but Goodies!

    Art of Trance - Gloria (Clanger Remix)


    S.A.S. - Amber Groove (Toxic Hijack Mix)
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    Re: Why have a Space Force?

    Agreed. The triangle will denote a secret platform currently under use. The triangle also, handily enough, continues the Vector symbology so prevalent in all of the space agencies of the world's...
  3. Re: A.I. is Progressing Faster Than You Think!

    Excellent, thank you.

  4. Re: A.I. is Progressing Faster Than You Think!

    Mostly agree, but only one thing i thought about it. They for sure know how to debug and find out how and why the engine thought a certain way.

    The knowledge, tools and training needed to know...
  5. Re: A Secret Nuclear War is Happening Right Now!

    Hi Keith,

    any chance of chipping in and helping me with my (limited) understanding of SCALAR waves?

    I was under the impression that If you take 2 transversal waves of the same frequency and...
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    Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

    A little from Jim Stone, and a little from myself.


    As of this morning, (Jan 23) total confirmed deaths worldwide are at 17. Don't believe the B.S. that is being spewed about massive...
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    Re: Tic-Tac Briefing Slide Exposed

    If that were the case John, how would the 'elites' protect themselves and their families, friends, etc?

  8. Re: A Secret Nuclear War is Happening Right Now!

    Fascinating presentation Keith, thank you for your research. I've watched and read quite a bit of your content over the years, it certainly expands one's grey matter.

    With regard to generating...
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    Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

    I believe the Coronavirus is nothing more than the "common cold". Is this another swine flu and avian flu scare, born of the world's flu incubator (China) again? Seems to be.
  10. Re: The best misdirection of the year - so far...


    In times such as these, it's always worth a wee gander at what is not being talked about I'd bet a pound-to-a-penny that ol' Randy Andy will be heaving a huge sigh of relief over these...
  11. Re: Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a (Victim of a) Fraud

    Could it be the ONE Foundation? Headed by Bono, Bill & Melinda Gates and George Soros. The same ONE Foundation that Luisa-Marie Neubauer works for, and Luisa-Marie Neubauer being Greta's 'official...
  12. Re: [HOAX] "I pull the strings, and the elite dance" - Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran

    It's all a hoax, or L.A.R.P., I'm afraid.

    Thoroughly exposed here:

    It didn't pass the 'smell' test, to be honest.
  13. Re: Ricky Gervais Takes No Prisoners At Golden Globes

    Absolutely, Scotslad. You've hit a hole-in-one there pal.

    I was 50/50 about this until I read/listened to the Gervais interview yesterday where he stated that he had free-reign with regard to...
  14. Re: Best camera and sensor security system?

    That's some set of neighbours you have there.

    They watched a guy for 20 minutes, shouting for you, then kicking your door in! I presume he must've made multiple trips in and out of your home...
  15. Re: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

    Best wishes to every Avalonian, near and far.

    I hope that the day be filled with happiness and love for you all.

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    Re: Boss, Chief, Buddy, Etc.

    Here in Jersey a common greeting is "hello mo'vie". Has the same meaning as mate, or pal...... That sort of thing. It stems from Jerriais, or Jersey French...... If you think French is hard enough...
  17. Re: The inexplicable experiences of Chris Bledsoe

    Absolutely, Billy.

    What amazing experiences to have had, and the profound effect upon others I'm sure are unknown to you fully, at this moment. :bigsmile:

    I also watched Richard Dolan's...
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    Hahhahaha That's s good one! I needed a good laugh.[/QUOTE]There's a serious side to that. Sean David Morton (see the Avalon thread linked), another self-aggrandizing psychic, failed to foresee his...
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    Re: London Bridge: 'Terrorist' Shot Dead

    Yes this was also picked up on twitter, to be or not to be, that is the question? False Flag anyone.


    Thanks for posting this. I found the footage on Friday...
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    Re: London Bridge: 'Terrorist' Shot Dead

    From the link:

    If legitimate........ Great find!
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