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  1. Re: Human Trafficker Admits On Camera To Have Killed 400-500 Children

    Thank you, Viking. It hurts to hear, but necessary for action.
  2. Re: Know why DAPL (the Dakota Access Pipeline) is going ahead anyway...?

    We all regurgitate one thing or another. So, who do we trust to give us the truth? It ain't all fake news btw. That's just the way they control people. Mocking is a form of mind control. So if we...
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    Re: Trump: The Great American Reset

    I'm not as optimistic about Trump as you all seem to be; especially now that he's going to town on making illegal decisions and backing out of campaign promises...
    He promised a lot.
    He lied. ...
  4. Re: Only Trump could give this Speech, seriously: CPAC 2017, 24 Feb

    Wow, I guess we're not seeing Trump the same way. He does some good, but none of it seems to outweigh his illegal decisions.....
  5. Trump 'orders all protest of his policies to be criminalized and press silenced', says Veterans Today

    OMG! I'm sorry if my criticism of Trump offends anyone, but the moron just keeps getting worse and worse. Although I didn't vote for him or her (Hillary) for that matter, I still had hopes that he'd...
  6. Re: Know why DAPL (the Dakota Access Pipeline) is going ahead anyway...?

    Thank you, onawah. I appreciate the links. But now it doesn't make any sense. Why's he doing it? Is it that he hates Native Americans so much that he wants to upset and hurt them? All the Natives...
  7. Know why DAPL (the Dakota Access Pipeline) is going ahead anyway...?

    I've been watching the DAPL protests with a lot of interest.
    Like everyone, I hade hoped that Trump would be a man of intelligence and positive action (not profit)... But he has proven to be the...
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    Re: Trump is NOT the answer

    It's funny, but I don't see him as "turning his back" on us as some have suggested. I see that he has "turned his attention" to us. The hardened look in his eyes tells me he means business. Serious...
  9. Western media lies about Syria exposed (Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett)

    This Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett is essentially boots on the ground in Syria and so, she can say what she has seen there.

    One thing you'll notice is that she doesn't need to read a statement...
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    Re: Best evidence yet of synthetic telepathy

    Heuristic Thought, I've tied harrassers to whatever pain they inflict on me (increased 100 times which will devastate them if they continue). It's served me well so far.... Find your way to do this...
  11. Re: Anonymous: Next 10 Days Will Rock The World

    This just doesn't sound like the real Anonymous.... and this one didn't say the last 2 lines that they always say about them never forgetting, etc....
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    Re: WW3 may be imminent

    Ask the people in the Middle East if WW3 is going on now.... They'll tell you it has.
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    Re: 'Flat Earth' Psychological Operations

    Good point LivioRazlo. Mockery IS one of the ways that's used to silence someone who questions when the facts don't add up. And not just FE theory....

    I've been mocked here on the forum for...
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    Re: The Evil Empire is being destroyed

    Remember when Obama was America's big hope? Everyone was so frigging excited about him. He made 160 campaign promises that he failed to fulfill; except the one about change. He NEVER once said what...
  15. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 3 October 2016 - Document dump shows Federal Reserve Board based on outright fraud

    When money is finally done away with, what do you think those filthy rich will have then? A lot of nothing. Trillions of nothing is still nothing....I like it! :becky:
  16. Re: Putin: Russia could wipe out the US in less than 1/2 an hour

    I've had enough of wars. The Pentagon is only trying to show Americans how much we need them; which isn't that much. Well, not until all the wars have stopped. They provoke other countries so badly...
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    Re: Internet out of U.S. control Oct 1

    Isn't this how it all starts? Piece by piece so it's not so obvious? Bit by bit, so no one notices until it's too late? Haven't we seen this being done already with our rights?

    When it comes to...
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    Re: Internet out of U.S. control Oct 1

    The UN is a nest of vipers that can't be trusted. I won't honor any agreements made with them either....In fact, why bother honoring the USG for betraying Americans this way? Their crimes are...
  19. Re: Hillary: "can't we just drone [Assange]?"

    Let's hope the majority of Americans see her for what she is.....
  20. Is this what we want leading our country?

    How does this woman get away with crap like this?

    And why don't all those people involved in this deception not feel some guilt for participating in it? The money must have been good.

    Did they...
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