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  1. Re: Your opinions please on oil supplements...

    Coconut oil to combat alzheimers or garlic oil to keep immune health up.
  2. Re: Massive Waves - "Mass" of Energy Waves - Creating Realities (Video)

    WTC trading flesh and peddling drugs through the ssg's dirty banks. Pushing sexual exploitation even in children, yet it's just a trade on the market, right? Watch your children's souls and give...
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    Re: We Can Wipe Out Ebola

    Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus your Son of Salvation, Love and Understanding, we ask that you halt this plague created and put through the people over the years. Let their deeds be the...
  4. Re: Viking ring fortress discovered in Denmark

    What are the large "gravelike" images encircling the ring on the right? They would be huge, as this is an sky shot. Could there be giants below. I noticed they're doing a lot of core sampling in...
  5. Re: Viking ring fortress discovered in Denmark

    Hmm...brings to mind, the movie "the 9th ring." With all that's going on, the pustule is about to erupt from the boil/cabal cancers, and the diseases flying off that nasty set of spirits will need...
  6. Re: Prelimenary Report : MH17 crash: Dutch experts say numerous objects hit plane Latest...Latest Russian link?

    Well...just now on MSM, they stated the plane was struck by "high energy weapons. On channel 6 just before the news of the flooding in AZ. Amazing disclosure if they just told that that plane was...
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    Re: My Friend needs prayers now!

    Hi Sydney. Try telling him that which is true. Tell him it's like being on a mountain before arriving at the top. Some roads are full of cliffs, and some with tares, and thorns, but we're tougher...
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    Re: Barriers to disclosure

    If people aren't storing water at least to filter through soil sand and charcoal after watering plant/veggies/food, then I suggest you do. You can buy sand, charcoal, not the kind with oil added...
  9. Re: Newly Discovered Asteroid '2014 RC' to Pass Between Earth, Moon On September 7th!

    Is it me, of does that circular black spot surrounded by asteroidal traffic and congestion, look like a "black hole?? Googlesky was blocking parts of the night sky and I think this thing looks just...
  10. Re: Alpha =Omega battle is between Sanity and Insanity

    I've no doubt that this is cyclical, because there are warmongers leading a peaceful people. All anyone on this earth, ever wanted was a way to take care of their families and feel free to breathe...
  11. Re: Deadly Epidemic in the USA: Police insanity on the rise!

    It's why I worry about mine being printed. I had the tainted HIV Booster shot vaccines, being distributed to the poor women and men in Africa, and how they were found out. When the info came in a...
  12. Re: Cave Carving May Be 1st Known Example of Neanderthal Rock Art

    Maybe they were watching something in the sky at night or day and wanted to draw it. Who knows what went through their head or if they were too primative in thought, yet can draw what they saw as a...
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    Re: How Can We Dislodge the Malicious PTB?

    WE are actually hiring representative workers of each state, to carry out the duties the AMERICAN FLESH AND BLOOD PEOPLE NEED done. WE don't need their wars for resources in everybody's backyard. ...
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    Re: How Can We Dislodge the Malicious PTB?

    I know but they won't expect, as many as possible like the MLK march for justice, no war, and peace and love, go to DC in numbers and carry a red heart. We just have to set a date for everybody in...
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    Re: How Can We Dislodge the Malicious PTB?

    Well...Remember how the spirits that were for the bad guys came in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze? That is how I see them getting out of here. By divine intervention upon a united world's...
  16. Re: Nigel Farages UKIP may gain first Westminster MP..........

    I'm glad he's confessing to creating this chaos over the years as an advisor to our government's foreign policy. He should be the 1st ego sworn in. Now as for them being the cure? Really, he's...
  17. Re: Good News! Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval

    Those companies WILL HAVE TO USE that energy source to power their businesses, because to spend on oil when salt water is plentiful, and the dwindling potable waters in our lakes, streams/ponds,...
  18. Re: Good News! Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval

    Yeah and not to mention Sea going Ships ha![/QUOTE]

    You mean ships as in "Archs?" Perhaps under sea pressurized subs below the turmoil of tsunami's What can we accomplish with this wonderful...
  19. Re: NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins

    Great movie for me today, I just popped in because it's my sabbath and I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful, wonderfully lifting day of joy.

    I'll do this, during verse time, and after...
  20. Re: Killer robots a small step away and must be outlawed, says top UN official

    If we were were fighting a advanced race of malevolent beings, perhaps that will stop some of the deaths, but "vaporization, cares not what chemical that activates to solidify. Instamelt, dissolve...
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