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    Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [COVID-19]

    Post partially self edited to remove duplicate information...

    There is a channel I subscribe to on youtube... The channel is Vrillex.. he usually talks about some very unusual topics, but he has...
  2. Re: [HOAX] Taygeta - Pleiadian - Cosmic Agency - Communications from low orbit

    I saw some differences but couldn't help but notice some incredible similarities in the still images. Thank You for the clarification.
  3. Re: [HOAX] Taygeta - Pleiadian - Cosmic Agency - Communications from low orbit

    I just have to ask, because this has been really bothering me... Is Gosia "Joy Jackson" from the whole "Corey Goode" fiasco?

    I don't want to imply that she is someone else, but they sure do look...
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    Re: Digital Heroin

    Agreed.. And it will only get worse as the technology is shuffled out to the public like candy. I rarely have my phone outside of my handbag, but in that trip I needed it, so we could all find each...
  5. Re: [HOAX] Taygeta - Pleiadian - Cosmic Agency - Communications from low orbit

    I certainly do not mind if Gosia continues to engage in making videos, as I said, she is lovely.... and brave to put herself out there as the voice for another... (Hello Gosia).... But I fear she...
  6. Re: [HOAX] Taygeta - Pleiadian - Cosmic Agency - Communications from low orbit

    A side note? I DO believe that my contacts were real.. That they were the real deal.. I just make sure that when I share such things that? That I do confess that they way they interacted with me...
  7. Re: [HOAX] Taygeta - Pleiadian - Cosmic Agency - Communications from low orbit

    I have to go "Off Topic".. But I feel in many ways it is very on topic, as it goes to support Bill's idea that indeed Gosia may be being fooled.

    I too, have had contacts. They referred to...
  8. Re: One State Pushes Back on Mandatory Vaccinations

    WOW, That's WONDERFUL! I suggest the rest follow suit...
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    Re: Digital Heroin

    Is it really any different than when we had televisions as children? Aside from the fact that we couldn't take them with us everywhere we went?

    I would think that if parents stopped letting their...
  10. Re: Transgender Woman Could Make Argentine Soccer History

    I agree that men and women physically are built differently, and while a woman can bulk up and strengthen their bodies, they're built completely different. A man having more muscle mass on average...
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    Re: What happened to Omni?

    I just don't understand what the purpose of attacking Omni would be. Aside from weapons testing. But boy they sure have been doing it for a long time if that is what this truly is. Omni? If you are...
  12. Re: Peaceful contact to the Star People family....

    My experiences were very positive, yet I could see how others may think that the same experience was "Anything but".. So contacts can be a very subjective thing.. What one sees as a positive, could...
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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    Chemtrails, do I still believe in them? The short answer is yes. In fact I saw some the other day that caught my attention, to the point where I found myself snapping yet another photo of them.

  14. Re: Milab silly questions hoping someone can give me insight


    This may be helpful, or you may wish to discard it, but I will put it out there for you and possibly others experiencing such "Attacks" and what they "Could Be"...

    First? Milabs...
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    Re: Stina Bo Bina: a star is born :)

    I can see how this happens, I HAVE seen this happen.. It was horrifying. (Not with Corey Goode, but elsewhere) And I was beside myself trying to figure out a way to stop it... Yet you never can stop...
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    Re: The TTSA and Project Serpo Connection

    Thank You Sammy, for engaging, and sharing your thoughts! I truly appreciated that..

    Agreed. This was not what happened in my case, but I have come to the same conclusions that this is the...
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    Re: The TTSA and Project Serpo Connection

    I have to say, the Serpo story, along with a few other things, led me to Project Camelot, and eventually here.. And it also led me to my own contact experiences, so there were some worthwhile things...
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    Re: The TTSA and Project Serpo Connection

    I am not sure if you are aware Bill, but there is a "Project Avalon" twitter account, and it is in use. ( 2 actually on further inspection )... I have seen some of the posts... But I do not know who...
  19. Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Dearest Anka,

    Thank you for this thread.. the love that you share in your posts, mirror what I believe many of us having an "awakening", and appreciation for the life that we have been given, are...
  20. Re: Official First Contact, Sandia the ET on Twitter, P'ntl from Zeta Reticuli II - Thoughts?

    It would seem that many are being told 2020 will be a year of increased contacts! I was also told that “ they” would like to help us become more telepathic... very interesting! I will be watching...
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