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  1. Re: Resurrection - the MOVIE of the Pyramids of Bosnia - trailer

    the words of the plejaren are proven true every day ... five years now I've followed their predictions , teachings , and information , and everywhere I look science , history , life is still playing...
  2. Re: This interview will get you really angry at "Insanity Hannity". Guaranteed !!

    I have to say it , Mohammad was the same spiritual teacher brought to earth for 389,000 years now ... Enoch-Isaiah-Ezekiel-Jeremiah-Immanuel-Mohammad-Beam ... the seven prophets from the seven...
  3. Re: This interview will get you really angry at "Insanity Hannity". Guaranteed !!

    so depending on which side of the imaginary line your standing on , the terrorist is always the one opposing you ... madness ...
  4. Re: Resurrection - the MOVIE of the Pyramids of Bosnia - trailer

    Pyramids on the moon , Mars , Earth , could it be the same engineers that came to our Universe over 22 million years ago , the ones who built the dimension bridge ???
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    Re: ALLiTiZ - "Better Left Alone"

    Great job ... simple and affective , that is musical Kung FU ... has a hypnotizing vibe about it ... the hook stays with the listener ...
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    Re: Dark Eugenics Programs on Earth

    The sad truth is the citizens pay for the programs that are used against them ... We fund our own demise ...
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    Re: The World is a Pain

    As long as people have apathy towards political affairs , the world will be ruled by evil men ...
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    If the citizens would ALL unite and call their congressmen , no amount of propaganda could stop real change ... We are citizens should demand action on immigration now or inform our leaders we won't...
  9. Re: Republicans Might Try for Obama Impeachment

    propaganda , they all just left for five weeks of vacation ... oh there is War in Gaza , War in Ukraine , one of our marines is in Mexican prison , and 60,000 plus illegals are crossing into the U.S....
  10. Re: More Nuclear reactors being made.. but will they be safe?

    food for thought , ET's take on the use of Nuclear power plants = scientist in their megalomania , don't factor in asteroids that hit earth everyday , seaquakes that build for thousands of years ,...
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    Re: fines for no healthcare

    So they force me to buy something I cannot afford , and now fine me because I'm poor ??? if people could afford outrageous premiums they would have insurance ... like so many , we choose between...
  12. Re: Israel Deliberately Targeting Children, Whole Families, Too Many Dead, Too Quickly to Count

    Israel's holy WAR with Allah and his followers , will be the source of the downfall of Earth's entire civilization ... we may as well start re-building plans now ... can you make fire with two sticks...
  13. Re: Alert: Sheriffs Move To Arrest Convicted Vatican Church Leaders Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby:

    What does concern me is , the worst case for earth in the third millennium is triggered when a pope no longer resides in Rome ... All the heat about the corruption of the Vatican could force the pope...
  14. Re: The solar storm of 2012 that almost sent us back to a post-apocalyptic Stone Age

    forget 2012 , seen that planet sized object over the sun ??? A warning to the ptb on earth ... the sun is going bonkers these days , messing with everything digital ... I think there is a thread...
  15. Re: Star Trek: Enterprise Online - Season 3

    Thanks , my thoughts are confirmed ...
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    Re: Strangest dream

    my two pennies , red is the symbol for power , the right arm is the symbol for power , the digging is the attempt at breaking away from the matrix , when it happens sometimes we don't understand...
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    Re: Pray for Peace

    As long as good people do nothing , the world will be ruled by evil men , cold hard truth ... Not sure what peace looks like , since the day I was born my country has been at War with someone...
  18. Re: People Use Just 8.2% of Their DNA, Study Finds

    Right on , scientist call it junk DNA only because they don't know what it's real function is or how it works , so they claim , oh that's junk moving on now over here you see this eight percent , ya...
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    Re: Pray for Peace

    We must become Peace ... As a person thinks , so are they ... infect the world with positive vibes and living rightly ...
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    Re: Illusion of Meditation

    True meditation is simple , clearing your mind and NOT allowing ANY thoughts to enter into it ... The power of your consciousness can be tapped once outside forces , stray thoughts , sounds , and...
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