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  1. Re: Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

    Not related to the discussion (or is it?) Dershowitz could be a sexual abuser of minors.
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    Re: Will People wake now?

    A video on topic I just found by synchronicity (or fate) today:
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    Re: Will People wake now?

    It is at least what the technocrats and elites (who are one it seems) have been planning all along. The masses brainwashed by the mass media and puppet politicians seem to 'allow' or almost 'want'...
  4. Re: Former Yugoslavian issues a warning to all Americans

    Here's a German documentary that was shown on mainstream (!) television, which is impossible today, but then it was still a possibilty to show some real journalism critical of the established...
  5. Re: Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

    I recently stated that in another thread on here. Read Dr. Humphries book. Even polio or smallpox were NEVER eradicated by vaccinations.

    One example...
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    Re: The Eradication of Smallpox

    Not sure about that topic either, there might be some useful vaccines worth the risk, maybe the passive immunizations where only immunogobulines (the antibodies, Typ G = IGgs are given, actually...
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    Poll: Simon Parkes - Genuine Or Bogus?

    First of all, please excuse me ... I know from a forum search that there are already lots of threads about Simon Parkes or some who are mentioning him. I also fast-read and skimmed some of the ones...
  8. Re: What's wrong with me? I've shunned all fear porn about the killer virus

    I think many if not most here fit that behavioural profile. Welcome to the club. You are a true Avalonian.
  9. Re: Would COVID-19 be an effective biological agent to prevent alien invasion?

    Nope. For me this would be rather some naive science-fiction plot like we have it in War Of The Worlds.

    Most ET civilisation are so highly advanced on micro AND macro levels compared to us. So we...
  10. Re: Do we have a Spirit? Do we have a Soul? And where's the proof?

    You are right. We do not have a soul.

    We are not a body that has a soul.

    I completely agree.

    Fun fact is:

    We ARE a soul / consciousness / awareness. It is what you ARE, not what you...
  11. Re: Are you a chosen one? Tom Hanks asks the question.

    Did he really say ... 'before Beyonce' ??? Did I hear that right? :facepalm:
  12. Re: 'Colony' (hidden in plain sight on Netflix...)

    Colony has/had 3 seasons altogether on Netflix (still available there). They have a sad history of cancelling many good shows. It definitely ended on a cliffhanger then.
    In the first season it was...
  13. Re: Does Anybody Else Have Clear Body Experiences?

    Yes, but he also describes the so-called 'etheric body' or 'etheric double' (iirc) which is very close to the physical body or even kind of integrated in it. He observed it very often in OOBE state...
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    Re: Stefan Molyneux Banned on Youtube!

    I disagreed with his views a lot of times. Yet I do not see him as s.o. who is 'despicable' or stupid.
    And is anyone despicable or stupid for you who does not share your views?
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    Re: Stefan Molyneux Banned on Youtube!

    It's a shame. Most of the time I liked what he said because he is so well-spoken, even if I did not always entirely agree. Free speech is dead on YT.
  16. Re: Does Anybody Else Have Clear Body Experiences?

    I have not a lot experience in or knowledge of the Yogic or Chinese techniques or teachings. If you want to go about it from a more 'mundane' angle I'd recommend Robert Bruce's books. Either 'Energy...
  17. Re: Really bizarre things are happening all over the globe

    Hmm, we always can accumulate bad news and feel bad about it. In every year or month. All a matter of perspective. Any good news, too?
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    As 'Inclusivity' matters also so much nowadays .... doesn't ALL lives matter also already include BLACK lives matter?

    Why is this seen as an insult? Isn't ALL more inclusive than just BLACK?
  19. Re: Corey Goode's cruel sociopathic behaviour

    No matter if a socio- or psychopath, he seems a real con man to me.

    All he once had worked with had to leave him as they seemingly saw the truth. E.g. the younger ones like Teresa or Jordan also...
  20. Re: The Reason Gobekli Tepe Was Buried 8,000 BC

    That was the one I also wanted to post. Here's the trailer by the way:
    As I 'feared' ... it's Aliens again ...


    ... hmmm okay .......
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