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  1. Re: The 2020 New York Times UFO story has hit the wires

    One possible scenario is the "nordics" pointing out all the failings of mankind (which this group is actually behind much of) and also saying theres these bad guy Reptilians here and you need our...
  2. Re: Crop Circles and what they could mean....

    Regardless of ones stance on somebody being able to receive divine level information, this speaks to the urgency in the first post.

    "Is there a language embedded in the crop circles and do they...
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    Re: The Phenomena Known As "Karens"

    Lumping the stereotypical Karen in with people who simply question things like vaccines and know theres something to reconnecting with nature that's significant.
    These memes and cultural...
  4. Thread: On Waking Up

    by Tyy1907

    Re: On Waking Up

    I figure the average Joe is on the sidelines watching the game or not even at the game cause they dont know there's a contest even going on.

    Avalon members can see through the fog better than...
  5. Re: "Preparations Have Already Begun": David Icke on Agenda2030

    Actually, David Icke has always said — and still says — that it'll all work out okay in the end. He was shown this long ago, back in the early 90s.

    But here's the paradox: enough people have to...
  6. Re: Really bizarre things are happening all over the globe

    This is actually a thing
    We need help
  7. Re: Cambridge Professor: White Lives Don't Matter; Abolish Whiteness

    But keep broadcasting your thoughts - fleeting or not- on the internet so ANYONE can see. People gotta wake up and see the world is managed by forces not in humanity's best interest.
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    Re: 30 Years Among The Dead

    That is a fascinating read, good find. It's important education for people on what can happen after body death and a lack of awareness of this reality can result in earthbound spirits who dont even...
  9. Re: The planned takedown of America: now (June 2020) in full swing.

    It's clear as Bill said we're in the next level of human suppression and subjugation.

    The memes pass it off as 2020 just being a bad year.

    What will it take for humanity to wake up and come...
  10. Re: Our UFO Situation Here On The Lovely Isle Of Maui

    I used to be on this bandwagon just like yourself. And certainly some of it holds true still for me. However some of it seemed highly disempowering and was suspect for me.

    Where do the...
  11. Re: Our UFO Situation Here On The Lovely Isle Of Maui

    I got a question
    Why must these aliens remain hidden in underground bases and their presence only known to a select few humans in black projects and the like?
  12. Re: Which mystery / mysterious event has intrigued you the most in recent years?

    My take on Dogmen: a black project creation.
  13. Re: When I was a child I dreamed of Martial Law so many times


    Theres still things we can do that can prevent this future potential

    Asking the Divine to raise up the hearts of the true perpetrators behind all this (whomever they may be). Given...
  14. Thread: End of age

    by Tyy1907

    Re: End of age

    Incremental steps toward 100% subjugation. This need not happen
    Divine realm has more power than we can possibly imagine, in our current state that is. This grace is given at no cost. A belief in...
  15. Thread: Nordics

    by Tyy1907

    Re: Nordics


    If your intuition is still uncertain about the intentions of these nordics then I'd call it a red flag. They could be trying to string you along. I would reach out to Highest Source...
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    Re: US wants to "test" nuclear bombs again

    Looking around at our world however we all know there is much that needs fixing and healing. And us humans with our seemingly meager divine connection are the closest thing to a savior these planet...
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    Re: US wants to "test" nuclear bombs again

    What if human insanity is at least partially engineered?

    What 'fun' is it to eradicate a much younger civilization quickly, when you can program the subconscious minds of their leaders enough so...
  18. Re: 21st Space Wing Commander Found Dead In His Home

    Viruses are little understood or studied by design.

    Those with an open enough mind can look into Anthony William's book "Medical Medium". In a nutshell Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, crohn's...
  19. Re: 21st Space Wing Commander Found Dead In His Home

    Was there mention that covid is entirely an extraterrestrial creation that was put out into the human population and that all harmful viruses are not native to the earth at all cause they're all...
  20. Re: Madagascar President Calling on African Countries to Dump the WHO

    God bless this leader
    Sending my prayer support
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