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  1. Re: Argentine prosecutor found dead hours before testifiying against president

    It is really inhumane what has been happening in the name of the Jewish people. For instance many Iraqi Jews were murdered in collaboration with MUSSAD and the then Iraqi government as part of a...
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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    Thank you Bill for sharing this. This is deep indeed. I don't know how far have They gotten with their experiments on Humans, but from my observations, I believe that a substancial superiority in...
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    Re: Pleiadian soul

    Since I first heard of that star system, I always felt a very strong connection to the Pleiades for no apparent reason. I was then told by Carol Clarke, without having asked her or mentioned it, that...
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    Re: The ice bucket challenge. Would you?

    What if it was walking through fire, or on hot coal. Would that be ok? One thing can lead to another.
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    Re: Coming out of the closet and beyond...

    The problem is the inner chatter. Inner chatter creates aggression that further distorts and throws us deeper in the illusion of life. Consciousness trying to protect itself from imaginary things...
  6. Re: David Wilcock comments on Fulford's latest Update from 8/26/14

    Can we actually do more than wait and see? What is the minimal action that we can do to facilitate a change?

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    Re: mi problem su problem

    Dunno. At the time had just purchased a computer and asked the IT guys for some better software so they gave me a sealed set of disks of Windows NT, with a warning. The warning was that it was still...
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    Re: mi problem su problem

    Why in Haifa? why not in the United States? Are you suggesting that Israel is just another "Area 51"?
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    Re: Illusion of Meditation

    The practice of concentration with the goal of obtaining insight into the nature of things among other goals has many steps and is named in Pali and Sanskrit according to those steps.
    However it is...
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    Re: Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City?

    The game is not fair. People with more knowledge and things cheat all the time to win. In a football game both teams will do anything possible to win. Football has specific rules. Real life has no...
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    Re: The Banality of Evil

    One has two options when facing evil, running away or facing it. Running away means to lose your ground to the bigger and meaner opponent. Facing it means to have a fight on all levels with the...
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    Re: Native peoples of the earth

    Hi there. There are no infinite native people on Earth. Everybody comes from somewhere else. The so called natives of the Americas for example have migrated from Siberia and before that who knows...
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    Re: Honouring your contract

    One must be one's own light in this world, like the buddha, Christ and Guru Nanak were to mention a few, because light attracts light and the more light one has the more people can bask in it and be...
  14. Re: Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and are moving on to New Tech to manage Ionosphere....

    Who are the owners of those ingenious minds? and where are they in poverty stricken Somalia? or WMD Iraq? I think that Mr. Cohen has a wiled imagination and twisted fantasies in addition to an A plus...
  15. Re: In the Shadow of Mammon: Are You Ready to Be Free of It?

    People only have greed for money and material wealth because of scarcity.
  16. Re: H.R.Giger - Creator of the ALIEN - Gruyere, Switzerland

    Many thanks Bill. I have followed the links and was able to download all of the available files. I used to have the 4 Heritage universe series in audio files, but I lost them when my external 1TB...
  17. Re: H.R.Giger - Creator of the ALIEN - Gruyere, Switzerland

    Does anyone know were to download the complete Heritage Universe series by Charles Sheffield, for free?
  18. Re: Thirteen Pages - A Brief History of Man & ET

    Hi there yelik. Thank you very much for this thread, I have not known about this topic before now. Congratulations on starting your first thread and I hope to see more informative and intelligent...
  19. Thread: Ugk

    by Davidallany

    Re: Ugk

    Does that apply to a person who grows up with monkey away from any human contact in the forest?[/QUOTE]


    Sorry but if you found any meaning in what I was saying that would bring about...
  20. Re: Northern Lights' Physics Could Aid in Nuclear Fusion

    Thank you panpravda for the links and your suggested investigation. Indeed, I do like to investigate and question. Cheers
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