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  1. Re: Physicists build Circuit that Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene!

    Interesting....Hey What happened to the HHO cells, and Stanley Meyers water car technology.
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    Nope, no way. :) Doesn't remotely pass the smell test for me. 'Jeremy' definitely doesn't seem bright enough to be a 32º Mason, unless he was the janitor listening at the door. And coronaviruses...
  3. Re: Medical training, where does it come from?

    If I may,,, all in a nut shell.
    The medical industry is controlled by the Satanic Rockefeller Psychopathic Family. I say no more. Great thread Greybeard.
  4. Re: THE VOLUNTEERS (telepathic version!) - coming to Earth to help

    Love it, I really need to get back on that path again, and to why I'm here, my purpose. Needed this so much.

    W. f.
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    Off topic perhaps, But did anyone of the top RVs out there do an RV on the Corona Virus. I'd love to see that. I can envision in the RV Fauci and Gates sleeping together.

    Update. Found this so...
  6. Re: Mother Mary in Bosnia, messages and secrets

    Thank you for sharing this extraordinary story Billy. Ah, And what the world needs, especially today,is being on that spiritual and or holy path. I myself had real personal connections with Jesus....
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    Re: The Fall of the Cabal (documentary)

    I had watched this YT video a few weeks ago and found it both truthfull and staggering. Im a huge fan of JFK and the whole Q thing. I had recently created a memorial logo background photo mentioning...
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    Re: The 2020 CROP CIRCLE Thread

    Wow the First video..Love the background music and the voice of that gal speaking, very warm voice. Soothing Felt like I was dreaming for a minute.
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    Re: The 2020 CROP CIRCLE Thread

    Great Thread, love CCs. If I may....Linda Moulton Howe has a fantastic book on this topic. I used to be so huge a fan of hers, until after her pro vaccine stance and comments on the topic of Covid 19...
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    If I may here.
    My avatar Whitefeather, it was somehow creepy, on that same day while reading the below words from Sean Lennon's website, I myself had found a Whitefeather on the side of my home,...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    This was absolutely stunning. And deserving to be bumped. Thanks for posting. I highly suggest all to watch this. I did a credential search on this Dr, and she's totally legit. She works out of...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    It's disgusting what they did to the Native American Race. I don't feed into that energy of Thanksgiving and Columbus day any more. Total Bullshyte.
    Thanksgiving was renamed to Takesgiving by...
  13. Re: Really bizarre things are happening all over the globe

    Shut off The Tell Lie Vision. I'm still trying to digest the so called killer hornet story. Oh my!
  14. Re: UFOs and global A.I. Master Plan to invade humanity

    The original video was removed, be advised.
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    It seems it's some sort ofa protection device, especially because it's under your bed. And yes it's hebrew of nature methinks.

    An excerpt from the below link: "The First Pentacle of Saturn. – This...
  16. Re: Most important! 2 Minute video shows mind control at its worst... please watch and comment

    Learn to play a musical instrument, read some good books, play real records, walk in nature. Just shut off the tell lie vision program. Best thing I did in 9 years.
  17. Re: What was it like growing up with your generation?


    This is pretty much how it was. Good video.

    I always treasured my bicycle and my records. It got me through the times.
  18. Re: An Interview with a Reptilian Alien (The 'Lacerta Files')

    After reading all of the posts on this topic, I have to say I'm not quite convinced the Lacerta files was a hoax. Perhaps it needs some more elaboration.
  19. Re: An Interview with a Reptilian Alien (The 'Lacerta Files')

    Very Interesting post. I just came across this post Carmody. Especially with what's going on today. Re Covid19
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    Re: Credo Mutwa has passed away.

    Indeed a Great man. He will be surely missed. I hope his passing was easy and painless. A great man of peace and knowledge.
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