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  1. Re: Overview of ET Intervention On Earth by Kerry Cassidy

    I really appreciate Kerry's openness, intentions and heart. And the perspective of souls having opted to go through dark and light experiences i think is correct. Though I think she's making a...
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    Censorship... Is it censorship if one can still access the information with really a small bit of effort?

    Might it help to get to the why of it all? Why censor? If you know the 'why' then it is...
  3. Re: The Giants: The Nephilim Antediluvian Civilization

    Interesting stuff, has some overlap with what I'm currently writing up. Things got out of hand quickly. Now at 30 Word-doc pages and haven't processed everything.

    It is such a remarkable part of...
  4. Re: Don't be a Rabbit in the Headlights: Reincarnation discussions

    Snakes shed their skins, so it could be about renewal.
    I’m just guessing. Another association is about their poisonous bite.
    Another one about them being shy creatures, and usually hiding, plus...
  5. Re: Don't be a Rabbit in the Headlights: Reincarnation discussions

    If you woke up to find yourself the only thing in existence, and had unlimited ability to create, what might you do?[/QUOTE]

    I suspect the answer is ... create some playmates.[/QUOTE]
  6. Thread: What is Life?

    by Slobbe

    Re: What is Life?

    What, in your opinion is the best way to make a majority aware of this reality?[/QUOTE]

    Thank you for asking East Sun. That's an interesting question. I will answer really short, followed by a...
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    Re: How many of you meditate?

    In the morning I have half an hour or more communication with the Source, receiving my daily bread (Divine guidance), helping me to get rid of the ego, grow spiritually and help others.
    In the...
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    Re: I want to be a better person

    1 What, or who, is worth suffering for?
    Everyone, including myself.
    2 What can my most aggressive judgments of others tell me about myself?
    That I need to work harder to not judge others.
  9. Thread: What is Life?

    by Slobbe

    Re: What is Life?

    I just watched the rest of the video. Near the end of the video where death is discussed Rupert speaks about the Divine imagination and creativity, and offers the idea there may be other, greater...
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    Re: Is the Vedas' version of hell truth...?

    I have pondered on numerous occasions about hell. I've had discussions about hell. And I'm convinced that hell as a burning realm of eternal suffering does not exist. Allow me to offer my...
  11. Thread: What is Life?

    by Slobbe

    Re: What is Life?

    Haven't completed listening yet, though at the 11:30 mark Rupert says "All of nature is shaped by the past". This basically is why our history lessons are false or incomplete. And also one of the...
  12. Re: Can anyone help me find a pdf copy of this book?

    I see on there's first editions from 99.74Euro (You might see dollar price)....
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    Fully agree with what you are saying here John. The more I learn the more I understand there's so much we don't know. Histories of so many civilizations throughout the universe and other universes,...
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    It's rectification time! That didn't take long! Subconsciously I think I felt I was on a slippery slope and felt insecure about it. Decided to pray after I had written it and asked whether my...
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    I'm happy to see we're able to close in and get to some common grounds, though with different perspectives. Good that you bring in 'demiurge' - that's exactly what I call an previously ascended,...
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    Here’s the post for Ahura Mazda as mentioned before.

    Who/what is Ahura Mazda?:
    -of worlds, archangels, guardian spirits, ahuras (divine lords), material world (with organisms)
    -of good...
  17. Re: "World in Peril" - Kenneth White - Crustal Displacement Disclosure

    Skeeing in wintertime in the Gobi desert sounds like fun!
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    Re: There is an evil................

    Was there something you noticed recently, that you hadn't noticed before or to a lesser extent? May I ask, what was the trigger for you to create this thread?
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    I'm looking into Ahura Mazda to answer the questions posted in previous post. I'm getting there. It'll need some more work and will be posted at a later moment. But something else hit...
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    Thank you for responding. I've just been scratching the surface on the different mythologies, so please bear with me if I fail to express in proper jargon or do not explain my view thoroughly. I...
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