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  1. Re: Oxford Club predicts Federal Reserve will announce end of cash on March 18, 2015

    There is no doubt, we're going in that direction, but a change of that nature won't happen overnight, it needs a period of transition that may last several years, perhaps a generation.
  2. Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks, on Dec 8, 2014 (11 min.)

    Published on 12/14/2014

    This message is (allegedly) from a USAF pilot, who flies Aerosol Tankers, as part of the secret Indigo Skyfold (geoengineered...
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    Re: Mary Rodwell Documentary

    Thanks for this thread RunningDeer!
  4. Re: Disclosure Conference in Toronto on April 10 - Great Speakers!

    About Paul Hellyer

    Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. First elected in 1949, he was the youngest cabinet minister appointed to Louis S. St. Laurent’s...
  5. Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

    SCIENTISTS conducting a mindbending experiment at the Large...
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    Benjamin Fulford, March 23, 2015

    Khazarian Satanists shake their fists in fury as control of the financial system slips out of their hands

    There has been an undeniable pole shift in the...
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    Benjamin Fulford, March 17, 2015

    Big public announcements and news events make it clear Khazarian rule is ending

    There can be no doubt now that the global Khazarian crime syndicate is being...
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    Your Compass for this Week's Energies

    I just read this article and found it of interest:
  9. Re: Project Camelot interview with Kameran Fally 2014-03-12: PLANET X & ASTRO-PLANETOLOGY

    Great interview. Kerry allowed the interviewee to speak with almost no interruption.
  10. Carol Rosin at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 (1hr, 8 min)

    Published on 03/09/2015

    Dr. Rosin will present an overview of the space issue and a feasible way out of the disinformation mess, toward a possible new...
  11. Re: Obama on Aliens: is he telling the truth, or joking?

    Joking is the best way to tell/hide the truth.
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    Re: MSM: Is President Vladimir Putin dead?

    Putin resurfaces amid questions about health.

    The embattled Russian president appears on state TV after death...
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    Re: MSM: Is President Vladimir Putin dead?

    What's the purpose of starting this kind of speculation about somebody?
  14. Inside Julian Assange's Embassy Refuge to Talk WikiLeaks

    Snowden and Winning Freedom (47 min)

    Published on 07/10/2014

    2014 Democracy Now! In a Democracy Now! special, we go inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London to...
  15. Re: Dolores Cannon: The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth

    Dolores Cannon, always a good read and great info.
  16. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #5 : Climate Change, Methane, and (just possibly) the link to the Secret Space Program

    Thanks for the news letter Bill. As always very informative.
  17. Re: David Icke update on settlement......The Warman case is over - here is the background

    No wonder why Ben Fulford lives in Japan.
  18. Re: McDonald's is Dying Suffering 'Informed Social Media Networks Effect Syndrome'

    Good!...That's a good sign that people are awakening!
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    Re: Black and White popes.....

    Interesting thread. Thank you all for your input.
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    Re: Do People Change after Getting Married...?

    Big time, because expectations and projections from all over re-shape/re-define who you are, how you're supposed to behave and fit, and buy into the pre-created way society runs.
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