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    Re: Best garden vegetables

    It really depends on your local weather. Where I'm at on the west coast it's hot and dry, so a lot of the vegetable bolt, or go to seed really fast, like broccoli, which I love, but can't really grow...
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    Re: Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! Bill Gates...

    COVID19 is caused by vaccines | Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD

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    Re: FBI Residency Offices

    One thing you would see with 5G beamforming attacks on individuals are all the other signals to the other phones would diminish greatly, because to get a beamform strong enough to attack an...
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    Re: Do we buy silver and if yes, from where?

    I had a premonition years ago that my ex-wife would buy up my property, and all the surrounding properties for unpaid taxes, using gold coins. Of course I changed that potential future by purchasing...
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    Re: Avalon healers

    I've studied several healing arts during my lifetime, and I use them constantly on my body, which is necessary considering my Astrocartography location, which is not conducive to good health, but is...
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    Re: The Reality of Immortality amongst you

    It would be boring as hell to live past 100 years, and as someone who remembers countless lives, it's would be boring as hell to always remember past lives.

    A life requires total immersion to be...
  7. Thread: MMS question

    by Terry777

    Re: MMS question

    Being a wilderness backpacker, I've used chlorine dioxide to treat water. They also sell tons of it down in Mexico to treat water, and wash fruits and vegetables.

    Aquamira Water Treatment:...
  8. Re: What did you plant today? Garden and Farming for FOOD SECURITY.

    I started my plants early this year using an old bird bath 44 watt heating pad (meant to melt ice on a bird bath). I buried the heating pad in sand in a large plastic tub, and set my tray on top of...
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    Re: What really makes you ill?

    Back in 2002 in India I met a woman on the beach with Small Pox. She was begging for money and even lifted up her skirt to show all the pox on her legs. I gave her all the money in my pockets, and...
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    Re: How to keep snakes away from bird nest???

    The problem I have with all my bird boxes are Acorn Woodpeckers. I have a dozen bird boxes on metal poles attached to my back fence, which I take down every year and clean out, for Swallows, Blue...
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    Re: Covid19: Cui Bono? Is there an agenda?

    I've heard from friends that there are doctors that will falsify records so their children can still go to school, so there are doctors that know how dangerous vaccines really are.

    My brother...
  12. Re: The Rockefeller-Kissinger Love Story - A time line of their shared passions

    My Great Uncle was John D. Rockefeller's chauffeur at his vacation house on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Rockefeller had that house torn down, even though the state really wanted to keep it as a...
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    Re: Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! Bill Gates...

    A software developer friend of mine had a meeting with Bill Gates years ago. About the only thing I remember him saying about Mr. Gates was how isolated Mr. Gates was from the world, and how Mr....
  14. Re: Is anyone having non stop difficult , antagonistic and contentious e mails, texts and so on?

    I check the energy of everything I type, to see how it will come back to me in the future. Because of this I delete a lot of things before I post them, especially on FB.
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    Re: Covid19: Cui Bono? Is there an agenda?

    If 60 GHz really does reduce the absorption of oxygen into hemoglobin, then they can control the death rate in hospitals by switching the GHz rate.

    Someone really needs to start doing some tests...
  16. Re: The Higher Self and transcendent experience, including OBEs

    My first OBE was because of a near death experience around 3 years old. Possibly because of the NDE is why it's so easy for me.

    I've had several astral projection experiences that I was unaware...
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    Re: 5G facebook pages being deleted

    Around Thanksgiving 2019 I had a massive lipoma (benign fatty tumor) pop up on my back, and the only thing that had changed in my environment was a Smart Meter was installed during the summer of...
  18. Re: Who's in charge of the USA - Trump or FEMA?

    I see instant death for Trump, like a massive heart attack or stroke, around the age of 74. I knew he would win the last election, because I saw him looking Presidential in the future, and Hillary...
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    Re: Who knew about Covid-19 in advance?

    I picked up on a stock market crash, something bad for the northeast, and the number "21" concerning a stock market crash.

    Because of my premonitions I pulled my savings out of the stock market at...
  20. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across

    I was trained back in the 80s and 90s by several renowned psychics (energy readers/seers), plus numerology, past life regression, and a couple of healing arts. My goal has always been to try and...
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