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  1. Re: Venice Beach - Man dies after lightning strikes 13 people

    Better to pay attention to mother nature. She is gonna stike be striking back. IMHO
  2. Re: It was not about the deaths of 3 kids, it is about stealing natural resources

    Time for folks to watch the movie "Shoes of the Fisherman", this movie depicts the world in it's present state and the steps needed to get it straight again. A movie that lives eternal in the hearts...
  3. Re: Gaza Questions Confound State Department Spokesperson

    sorry piece of spokes person that can't understand english. All gov depts operate as the VA can't you see, sop is delay, deny before they die. Throw them all out.
  4. Re: Three Strikes and You're Out! by Neil Keenan

    Between the BRICS and the funds pumped into their accounts and the
    dragon family they are taking it all back from from the thieving bankers and neos... finally the turnaround and face off.
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    Why hide it? Players everywhere huh.
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    Re: Can you FEEL a higher vibration?

    You are slowly becoming aware of your sensory abilities. As you pay attention to them they will open up to you more. Accept them and they will become your self knowledge or intuition.

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    Re: Thought O' the Day

    Well done!

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    Re: TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly with NO ID!

    The push is on by the zionist bankers and the disfunctional paid corrupt government. The enemy is ashore and it is the Dept. of Homeland Security as instituted by the mossad dual citizens planted in...
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    Re: This video left me feeling sad.

    Tesla technology is being recognized world wide and folks are learning how to use it and share the tech. This stuff is universally gifted and it is everywhere for the taking. It is up to all of us...
  10. Re: The "How much can you pack into 2 words" thread

    Life Force

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    What was the pardon for and where can we get a copy of it? Has anyone seen it? Inquiring minds would like to know. Can a president pardon anyone for TREASON?

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    More insightful information on 9/11 and even a report on the findings of the Atomic Enegy Commission. Article comments enlightening also.

    Article lead in...

    Officials Site “Thermo-Nuke” in 9/11...
  13. Spirit of freedom and independence, where is it? It used to be heartfelt.

    We have allowed it to slip out of our grasp, be taken by corrupt individuals posing as our protectors and now let them tell us to eat cake! When will we wake up, dig in and say NO MORE!

  14. Re: Gordon Duff: Treason? US Army Declares War on AltMedia Sites

    Glad to see folks are starting to understand the severity of this government's actions. Maybe someone in mainstream media will grow some hair and report the truth.

  15. United States southern border update.... Oathkeepers update.

    Although mainsteam media is dodging the issue, intel is leaking this might be a set up worth watching and reacting to. It is a lengthly article but worth the read.

    Article lead in...

  16. Re: SHOCKING : UFOs: The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014....RICHPLANET

    If such is the case for Linda, I suggest she get out of the kitchen while the getting is good. Tell the rest of the story, if there is one, or leave it alone entirely. Half truths are just as...
  17. Re: SHOCKING : UFOs: The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014....RICHPLANET

    So Linda M. Howe is less than forthright in her mutilation reports. It is what is not being said that matters. Valor for Howe and Greer might take second place to revenues. IMHO

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    This article is a must read on more kickback for the DOD's hidden neo plants. Hiding is no longer an option!

    Article lead in...

    “Bungler Central” – America’s Secret Spy Base

    By Gordon Duff...
  19. Re: Tale of 2 witnesses

    Mountain View is a Naval Air Station and there is a large NASA test facility there also.
  20. Re: Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie. ...Malta Now article.

    Just enjoy helping people look outside the box to become aware. As you state the path to total awareness is a long one.

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