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    Re: Oblivion Agenda

    I keep finding all these articles that seems to show more ppl being killed one way or another.
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    I'd really like Avalonian Australians to read this commentary by Judge Anna von Reitz about the fires going on in their country. I'm sure they already know that these fires were really arson and not...
  3. Re: Season 4, Episode 12 of District of Criminals

    And don't forget how mocking someone is just another tactic out of their book to discredit a truth teller....
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    Re: Oblivion Agenda

    Everywhere you look there's an agenda to murder off humanity.
    I was a skeptic about the "Zombie Aoocalypse", in other words there's an agenda already in effect to turning humanity into zombies ...
  5. Re: Season 4, Episode 12 of District of Criminals

    Nope, Mike Adams is a patriot who's not afraid to speak out against the deep state.
  6. Re: They're not blocking 'hate speech'. They're blocking speech they hate.

    My suggestion to all this is to migrate to Brighteon and everyone can speak to their hearts content again. If you think about it, if enough ppl leave youtube, then youtube will begin to worry about...
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    Re: Oblivion Agenda

    Are you so sure about the population being more than ever before? There are several reasons why I think depopulation is happening.

    Consider these things:

    -Millions of ppl disappear every year....
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    Oblivion Agenda

    One of the things that really overwhelms me is how extensive the depopulation agenda is. Humanity is attacked on every level of life. If you don't believe it, then look deeper....

    I'll let the...
  9. Season 4, Episode 12 of District of Criminals

    Have you all been paying close attention to Season 4, Episode 12 of "The District of Criminals" emboldened to do the unthinkable: a coup attempt of the American govt? More than half of the US govt...
  10. Will Seattle be the next target on November 3rd?

    I don't know if this has been posted already, but someone will tell me, right? :becky:
    This guy is connecting the dots from movies and books to another attack on US soil. This time the target is...
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    American gymnast, Simone Biles

    Can you believe this awesome American gymnast got a low score for this???

    This young woman has skills galore.

    Check it out:


    I just had to post this video for everyone's...
  12. Re: Speculation: Is there a plan to put Hillary Clinton in as president and bypass the elections?

    There are several interesting videos in the second article....Health Ranger himself weighing in...
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    So, what will all of you do when Corey is vindicated?
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    Re: Accusations without proof...?

    It's all disgusting. Chanter is disgusting...
    Just saying....
  15. Speculation: Is there a plan to put Hillary Clinton in as president and bypass the elections?

    Wt....heck is going on? Washington District of Criminals' dems are going all out batsh!t crazy. Surprisingly, Republicans are too quiet. This really bothers me too....Makes me think that it's not...
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    Accusations without proof...?

    I came across this video that mentions Bill Ryan as one of many who tried to nail Corey Goode. WT...?

    What does everyone think about this video? I'm not liking it...

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    Well Chip, that comment bothers me. That's why we have a govt that butts into our business because they think we can't handle anything. We're just dumb idiots that need to be controlled and lead...
  18. Obama finally admitted the truth about himself

    Don't know if anyone came across this article on Big League Politics, or if it's been posted already; but it's worth making it go viral. So, forgive me if this isn't news to some of you.

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    Re: The Hoaxes of Deborah Tavares

    What will it take to get ppl to see that there is so much being done to them? Deborah has a lot of information that she feels is necessary for ppl to know. Maybe she trying to stir ppl to do...
  20. Future like the Jetsons? Or something else....

    Years ago, I thought that living like the Jetson would have been so cool. It was so different from the way things were on our world. Just think, technologies to do everything for us.... We wouldn't...
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